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03 January 2014

meg-made it to Honest Burgers Camden Town (review)

It has been far too long between "meg-made it to" posts so I decided to start the new year with a few delicious reviews. I have been meaning to post another few New York reviews, so will get to them next, but for now I wanted to share my recent burger experience in Camden. 

There's a few things I do miss being Gluten Intolerant, and a good burger is one of them. I've posted about my favourite burger in Australia, Grilld, but I've struggled to find a comparable match in the UK. Until now that is! 

Nestled in amongst the hustle and bustle (read: insane craziness) of the Camden Lock Markets are a few little gems that offer amazing gluten free eats. One is a bakery that I will post about in the future, but the place that stole my heart this past weekend was Honest Burgers.

meg-made: Honest Burger review

meg-made: Honest Burger review

We took the three toddlers with us (three toddlers = two prams in the Camden mayhem was our workout to earn our burgers!) and so were kind of chuffed with our seats out the back, by the wicked old piano. We had space to roam. And a piano! 

meg-made: Honest Burger review

When the mini pianists had finished their turn belting out the Dora the Explora theme song (no not really, they're 1, 2 and 4 years old, come on!), they stepped aside for some passers-by to have a turn and it turned into a free concert to accompany our burgers! It really was awesome to have incredibly talented musicians score the moment I discovered a decent gluten free burger in the UK! 

meg-made: Honest Burger review

The menu is refreshingly simple. I kind of like a one-pager!

meg-made: Honest Burger review

I opted for a ye old classic burger with cheese, partly because I like to compare apples with apples and well, I'll go back and work my way through the other options another time without a doubt!

meg-made: Honest Burger review

I'm a little awkward about how much of my food to show you AS I'm eating, but I wanted to show the perfect cook on the beef pattie...

meg-made: Honest Burger review

And I also wanted to prove that I was actually eating the bun too! I've tried a few gluten free burgers in the past year, and this was the first time I actually finished the entire bun!! It wasn't crumbly or stale tasting like some so often seem to be, it just tasted like a regular burger bun.

meg-made: Honest Burger review

Even the chips were delicious. They were jazzed up with some rosemary and salt and were incredibly moreish! They tasted the most similar to the best chips in the world (yes, Grilld, I am but loyal) and  after inhaling mine, Madeleine was kind enough to share some of hers with mama, but only if it was on her fork!!

meg-made: Honest Burger review

Usually you'll see a photo of me stop eating long enough to smile for a photo, but nope, no such luck this time, no time for smiles, chewing.

meg-made: Honest Burger review

I really couldn't say enough positive things about it while munching away, and I know we'll battle the crowds again for another Honest Burger again soon. If you are struggling to find a good burger joint in London (particularly if you are gluten intolerant), definitely give Honest a go, the chips alone will make you want to come back!!

Do you know of any other good burger joints that I should go and try out?? I still haven't been to Burger & Lobster, but it's on my list (although I think between those two options, I'm going to choose Lobster!!). 

Wishing you a lovely weekend. If you're in Australia, stay cool; and if you're in the The States, stay warm. And I guess, if you're in the UK, stay dry! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Seriously good! Almost tasted like AustraZealand meat and all!!!

  2. Hi Meg,after reading this thought i would check out Grill'd ( i live in Berwick, Victoria.) only to find they are in our local Shopping Centre, Fountain Gate, so will have to check it out on the week end!!!

    1. Oh Cathy prioritise it above all else this weekend, they are so good!!! My favourite favourite is the Baa Baa Burger, with the herbed fries and tomato salsa. Sometimes, I even put the chips and salsa ON the burger too, why not hey!!! Let me know what you think!!!! xx


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