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23 May 2014

Macadamia Nut Brittle

A few weekends ago I attended a bloggers event for "Bake for Bumps". 

It was such a wonderful afternoon and I was so proud to be involved in such a worthy cause. 

AND well, there was some fairly spectacular baking produced!!!

Emma put together a little goodie bag for everyone as a little thank you for coming, with some traveller-inspired beauty products.

I wanted to contribute a little something to the goodie bags and so made some Macadamia Nut Brittle for everyone to chew/crunch on for the trip home. 

I haven't had Macadamia Nut Brittle in years, I had completely forgotten how amazing it is!!!

22 May 2014

Books for Cooks: My mecca in Notting Hill

How is it that hairdressers know everything?! Its fantastic! 

I usually don't find myself terribly chatty when I'm at the hairdresser (its such a rare time to be alone and quiet, so I'd much rather just be for a while), but my last hairdresser, well he was a foodie. 

And so we chatted. A lot. 

He told me about so many great foodie things to do in London, one of which was to visit Books for Cooks in Notting Hill. 

It doesn't really need any further clarification, its a bookshop filled with cookbooks, and cookbooks alone. 

20 May 2014

Tone It Up Tuesdays: Bikini Series

A few months ago I posted about discovering the Tone It Up girls Karena & Katrina, and in this time, have become a bit of a Tone It Up devotee.

They have kicked off the new Bikini Series 2014 and I have to say I LOVE IT!

I was all over the Love Your Body series and actually got to a point that I was finding it almost easy, but this new Bikini Series seriously kicks my butt (or should I say "booty"). 

Back in the day when I was actually kind of fit during Uni I had a few friends and I who used to love going and doing park workouts together.

I would love coming up with a circuit routine which would be lots of strength training mixed with high intensity cardio in short bursts. It was so much fun!

16 May 2014

Rose Gold, Liberty and Tule Oh My! (Etsy Update)

meg-made: Etsy update Rose Gold Bow

This fine and sunny Friday afternoon I just wanted to share some new bows that are in my Etsy store this week.

I have a list of new items that I am itching to make!!

But before I start those, I noticed that I didn't have many hair accessories in my shop, so wanted to restock the shelves first! 

So my kitchen table has been a sew of tule and glitter once again, and I thought I'd just show you the three new editions to my store this week! 

14 May 2014

Baby Taggie Giraffe

meg-made baby taggie giraffe

My friend Saraid is nearing the end of her pregnancy and I am nesting right along with her! 

I'd love nothing more than to be in Brisbane with her as she prepares for this hugely exciting time, choosing crib-beddng, painting the nursery and rubbing her beautiful big belly (as all pregnant ladies love). 

But, as I am in London, with a well feathered (and at-capacity nest), I am helping to feather Saraid's nest instead!!

I made this little sweet guy a few months ago and sent it along with the bunting that I made for her nursery. 

13 May 2014

Apple + Peanut Butter + Cinnamon + Walnuts + Honey + Coconut

I just couldn't think of a name for this snack

other than "this is definitely not a donut" 

and so alas, here you have it.... 

an apple, 

topped with peanut butter, 

sprinkled with walnuts that have been dusted with cinnamon, 

all drizzled with honey and scattered with coconut (is that enough verbs for you?).  

12 May 2014

Bloggers Bake for Bumps

meg-made bloggers bake for bumps #bakeforbumps

Anyone who knows even the slightest thing about me knows that I love to bake. 

And I LOVE babies. 

To combine these things, makes for a happy Meg.

When I was pregnant with Madeleine we rode the usual emotional roller-coaster rides at every doctors appointment.

I had a high risk pregnancy and have a whole swag of medical problems, which I was terrified I was going to pass on to my baby. 

09 May 2014

"Sparking" up

Oh hey there, I'm back in the land of the living!! If you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen that I've been a little out of action this week, having been struck down with gastroenteritis. 

Without going into the gory details, it was brutal. Having been dealing with IBS & IBD for years, I'll say that this was the absolute worse I've ever experienced. I really can't believe just how sick I have been.

Well actually I can, because I have a souvenir from Tuesday night...

06 May 2014

Zucchini, Sweet Potato & Polenta Slice (Gluten Free)

meg-made: Zucchini, sweet potato and polenta slice
This recipe is an adaptation of a Zucchini Slice recipe that I used to love growing up. 

I have reduced the amount of butter and cheese (both by half!), and substituted creamed corn for regular corn and polenta for flour, and yet to me, it tastes every bit as good as the original! 

I played around with this recipe a few times, but have finally settled with one that I love. 

It has the right texture and right balance of flavours. 

I used to use gluten free four but then thought I would give polenta a go and I love it! It gives it a great spongy texture and is more wholesome than flour so you get a few extra slow burning calories. 

02 May 2014

Raspberry & Lime Financiers (GF)

Raspberry and lime financiers gluten free
Ever since becoming gluten intolerant a year ago, Financiers have been my go-to cake. 

Made with almond meal they are dense and sweet, and I make mine with polenta for a little extra crunch! 

12 months ago I posted a recipe for Blueberry & Lavender Financiers, and today I wanted to share a new flavour combination, Raspberry and Lime. 

My friend Meeche is a coeliac and Saraidy makes her the Blueberry Financiers every time she wants to sneak some sweet baby cuddles, and so I thought I'd share a new flavour for you girls to enjoy!!

The ingredients and method are largely the same, but to refresh you...