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12 March 2014

Baby to Little Lady Nursery Update: Wall Art

Decorating Madeleine's nursery was such a joyful time for me. "Nesting" was one of my favourite things about being pregnant, and I spent hours and hours making special little things for the arrival of our little girl. We had just moved to London from our student year in Oxford and was was pretty unwell throughout my pregnancy, so what I lacked in disposable income, I made up for in time at home. And so I sewed and crafted to my hearts content, and created the perfect space for our baby to come home to. 

And then that baby turned into a little lady, and I found myself wanting to change things up. 

Long gone are the cot mobile, cot bumper and receiving blankets, and bit by bit I am turning Madeleine's nursery into a space for a little lady.

Ever since Maddie was born I've been hanging clothes and shoes around her room as pieces of art.

Partly because I didn't have any real wall art yet, but mostly because it was all so cute I didn't want it to sit in a cupboard for nobody to see! I am going to box frame some of my favourite shoes of hers one day (if we don't have another girl first though) but in the mean time I thought I would change the display to being some favourite pieces from the past year. 

The little cardigan is what Madeleine's Great-Nanna hand knitted her; 
The ivory Marie Chantal dress is what she wore for her Christening, 
And then I had to include her most recent party dress from Christmas! 

Every day when Maddie and I go into her room to get her dressed I ask her what she wants to wear and she points at the pink and gold dress and says "pretty dress". Oh dear!

And because my obsession with gold glitter still hasn't come to an end (and potentially, there's just a small chance that I am passing this obsession on), I decided to make her hangers a little prettier too!

I dream about the time when our house is big enough to fit a teepee and drawing table in Maddie's room, but until then, I am having fun creating a more grown-up space she can play in, without spending a fortune! The next step, removing the Nursing Chair!!

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  1. Oh my, I just love it!! Breathtaking! I love gold, too. :)

    You are on the blog today!!!

  2. Thanks Ashley!! SUPER excited to be over on Words About Waverly today! Maybe the next giveaway will be all gold!!! xx

  3. SO lovely! I love the gold glitter (so do my girls... they love your Cambridge headbands).

    Wishing you a delightful day.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Perhaps the next ones will have even more gold on them then!! I hope your week is going well!! xx

  4. What lovely updates, Meg! I'm a big fan of displaying sweet little clothes. Maddie must love her very own space! XX

    1. Thanks Jules, she does love her very own LITTLE space that's for sure!! It's too hard to pack them all away so soon, I want to hold on to my little baby as much as I possibly can! xx


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