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03 March 2014

A little poke around Artichoke

It dawned on me the other day that without trying, there are certain things we do each weekend without fail, and spending about an hour in one fruit & veg store is one of them! Ever since Artichoke came to Hampstead we just love buying more fresh produce! I can't send my husband in unattended or he goes rogue and we end up with more parsley than we have vases (yes I have to store mine as though they are flowers, he seriously comes home with bouquets of the stuff!!). 

I never used to appreciate fruit and veg for anything other than something to accompany meat, but between Artichoke and my husband, I now actually love looking at new fruits and veg and am so intrigued by the different options available!  

I just love the decor of Artichoke! I love the crates and rustic feel and think it works well for a produce store, very earthy!! 

I love how all the produce has little bits of of dirt on them - they have actually come from the ground!! Everything has a strong smell of the vegetable that it is and makes cooking such a pleasure! And the variety is wonderful and seasonal. Because all the produce is locally sourced, there are actual seasons again, and I for one am embracing it!

I just thought I'd show you a little bit of every day life in Hampstead!

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  1. This looks amazing! It's one thing I really look forward to when we finally have our place...there is a farmers' market on the square just outside our development and I can't wait to buy seasonal food again, that doesn't come swamped in plastic packaging!

    If you need any inspiration for seasonal produce, the BBC seasonal food guide is a favourite app of mine :)

    1. Thanks for the tip, will have to look at the app! It sure is nice to have zero plastic and 100% flavourful real food. I dream of the day I have a tiny patch of ground I can plant in, but I think that dream is still years away!!! xx

  2. Those photos are fantastic! you brought us home all the flavors from the shop! I try to buy frutis and vegetables from local markets and if possible, biological, especially for my small girls

    1. Thanks Georgia. It's crazy how hard it is to get real food these days isn't it! But especially when you have wee little ones you realise how many artificial ingredients are added to every day foods. But as long as we do what we can right?! xx


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