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Hi, my name is Meg and I am an Australian living in London with my Husband and little girl Madeleine.

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I started my blog and Etsy store during very productive nap times when I found myself needing an outlet for my creativity and wanting to reach out to other mums.

Having an adorable little daughter has been the driving inspiration behind all of my kidswear, and you are likely to see her model for me for the next 20 years, or until she tells me to put the camera away! It was at her first birthday party that I made my first confetti-filled balloon, and basically I've been making them for Etsy and wholesale customers ever since. I haven't seen my floor without confetti on it in years!

I love to cook and love to eat good food. Having had a long history of health complications I have recently eliminated gluten from my diet and have experience great relief from a lot of my symptoms. So it is now a little more challenging, but far more rewarding to find and enjoy good GLUTEN FREE food in London.

meg-made meg-made meg-made

meg-made meg-made meg-made meg-made

Thanks for stopping by meg-made, my little place on the blogosphere to share with you.

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All photos are meg-made originals, unless otherwise stated. If you have any questions for me that you don't want to ask on the blog, email me at If you are a food blogger, I would be only too thrilled for you to link to my blog when using a recipe featured on meg-made but would ask that you use your own pictures! Many thanks! Meg