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08 July 2014

Hungry for Change

I recently watched the documentary "Hungry for Change" and it really struck a chord with me. 

Have you seen it? 

I know its two years old, but hey, I got there in the end!

I kept thinking about it over and over and the next day I made my husband watch it, and immediately we started making some changes to our diet.  

I really connected with so many of the messages of the documentary, and am excited to be making some big changes as a result!

I don't want to wait for a huge trigger point in my life to stop and take stock of what I'm putting in my body. I've had 10 years of bad health, I think that's more than enough. 

Change 1

I've never really understood juicing, because I've never really tried! I always thought it was just a crazy dieting tactic, but didn't see it as a wonderful opportunity to get your veggies. 

It dawned on me, that we definitely didn't get our 2 fruit and 5 veggie serves each day, and so now we juice our greens to make sure we do! 

I wasn't terribly excited by our first few juices, but now I know the secret to a green juice.... MINT!

Change 2

Adding to our diet. In addition to the juicing, I loved the idea of not restricting anything you eat, but to simply add to your intake. If you are then adding lots of healthy food, you will inevitably start reducing the other parts because you won't be needing them any more. 

They talked a lot about how you can be starving from the inside, which piqued my interest. I am always hungry. Always. I rarely feel actually full. But it is most likely because my body is sending these "hunger" signals because it isn't getting fulfilled of all the nutrients it needs. So rather than deprive my body of anything right now, I am simply adding to my diet, and trying to fill the nutritional needs first, and so far, I am loving adding all these wonderful flavours to my meals! 

Change 3

Reducing my sugar intake. I definitely can relate to people who say they are addicted to sugar. I am unable to have caffeine thanks to migraines, so when the 3pm slump comes along, I feed it sugar! 

I now understand a little more about the dangers of becoming addicted to sugar, and so will really work on reducing my sugar intake, particularly refined sugars. 

Change 4

Oh and no, this is not a juice!! It is instead of my craving for iced caramels!

Including some super foods like Chia Seeds into my diet. I'd heard of them before, but had no idea just how beneficial they can be for people who have digestive troubles and who don't obtain the nutrients from what they are eating. So, now chia seeds are part of my day! Every day! 

I am excited to see what impacts this might have on my general health, digestion, energy levels and strength. I feel like its a move in the direction of clean eating, while still allowing ourselves some indulgences, so long as they are using quality products and surrounded by healthy food for the majority of the time!

I will still be posting yummy foods (I have lots of old recipes to share still) but will also be making an effort to post more nutritionally balanced treats, which I can assure you, will still be delicious!

Have you seen Hungry For Change? Do you eat clean? If you do, I'd love to know!!

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  1. I love green juice and green smoothies (when I want some of the fiber too). Some other secret ingredients that make juice that much better other than mint: basil, lemon or lime, cilantro/coriander, pineapple, ginger, and apple. :) I had a fresh watermelon, basil and lime juice the other day. Divine and so summery!

    1. Ooh thanks for the tips Jules, will give the citrus a try next time I think. We're trying to have more veggies than fruit, but I do LOVE watermelon juices too. I'm so impressed that you chew the finer chunks sometimes too, I can't bring myself to do that just yet!!! xx

  2. I haven't seen this show.

    We eat clean probably 70% of the time. We also juice too! I got a Magic Bullet for Christmas this year and I've been incorporating juices into our diet daily.

    I would like to cut out sugar entirely but there's some things (like homemade iced tea that I make in the summer) that I just can't let go of.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thats amazing that you manage to eat clean 70% of the time. Do your kids do it too? I'm kind of hoping that Madeleine will just not even notice! I don't think I will EVER be able to banish sugar entirely, but I think so long as its a treat, then its okay. Homemade iced tea, yes please!!! xx

  3. Chia puddings are just awesome! I make mine with almond and coconut milk, sometimes a splash of vanilla and then add mango or berries or banana on top. Yummy for breakfast too.

    1. Thanks Manda! I have heard about these but never knew what people were talking about!!!!! I can't have coconut milk/water though, do you think it would work with just almond milk? Thanks so much for stopping by! xx


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