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07 July 2014

meg-made Forget Me Knots

I've been keeping busier than usual lately with a massive wholesale balloon order.

Which is now............officially shipped! Yayyy!

And in my "comedown" from uber-productivity, I am eager to restock the shelves of my Etsy store and get creative again in the kitchen too. 

The first item on I wanted to make on my creative wish list is my "forget me knots". 

I have struggled to find headbands that are feminine but not too girly and young. 

I designed these headbands to be dainty, non-fussy, but still feminine. 

I love throwing my hair in one of these headbands in the morning and it gives the impression that I worry about how my hair looks each day! 

I always seem to have my hair up and so having a headband that doesn't hurt to wear all day long is a huge win too. 

I've added three of these headbands to my Etsy store now, so come on over and have a peek!

And just a little thank you for everyone for still reading and checking in on meg-made over the past few weeks. Sorry for being a bit absent from the blog-world, but thank you for still stopping by!!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. These are so cute Meg!

    Great name for them too.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I hope you're having a wonderful week xx


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