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31 July 2014

Treating migraines with juice

I have posted before about the fact that I suffer from migraines. And I don't use those words lightly!!

It is such a horrible experience each and every time I get a migraine, and is compounded by the need to care for my daughter at the same time.

When Maddie was a baby I was getting them quite badly. I had a doula help me out in those early weeks, and then I just had to kind of figure it out myself ever since. 

I remember having to try and find my way into her room without being able to see, place her on a (numb and tingly) breast and hope that I was doing it right, I had no idea in those moments what I was doing.

These days things are a little easier because Maddie can understand a lot more now. This morning I woke up with a migraine that was already in full swing, and so just had to kind of accept it. 

Madeleine started stirring around 9:30 so I did have a little extra time to rest in the darkness until I needed to get her up. I gave her her milk and then put on my eye patch, got my heat pack for my neck and curled up on the couch. I was vaguely aware of her playing around me, and woke up an hour later with one of her animals on my chest and a bowl in my lap, with her asking for some "gapes mummy?". I gave her her grapes, and a huge kiss and cuddle and was so grateful that she is so compassionate and is so much easier to handle at times like these.

About a month ago now we started a new cleaner eating lifestyle, which includes juicing. We knew we weren't getting the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetable every day and so wanted to make sure we were getting all the nutrients our bodies have been needing.

I have also been doing some research into what foods actually help migraine sufferers. I've spent the last 20 years worrying all about what I need to eliminate from my diet to prevent migraines, without considering what nutrients and vitamins that I may be missing from my diet. 

Juice Hacks talked about the importance of magnesium (found in leafy green vegetables) and sodium (found in celery and carrots) in preventing and treating migraines. I've known about magnesium for a while and take a supplement each day, but haven't heard about the importance of sodium until now.

I read some articles about the benefits of pure celery juice and the number of migraineurs proclaiming that it stops their migraines if they can ingest some right away. Apparently, the celery reduces your blood pressure quickly and stabilises your blood sugar levels, which are issues for migraineurs and can cause an attack. 

Prescription: One celery shot (2-3 stalks) on the onset of a migraine

I've tested this out 4 times in the past fortnight and low and behold, it does work! 

As soon as I started feeling the very first tell-tale signs, I whipped into the kitchen and juiced 3 celery stalks, threw it back and waited. Each time that I've been able to do this before the migraine struck it has stopped it in its tracks and I've been able to get on with my day, migraine free!!

After this MASSIVE and ground breaking success, I kept reading!!!

The Blender Babes (what a great name by the way!!) have this great recipe for Migraine Be Gone juice, which I am now making my own version of every second day, and alternating with a carrot/beetroot/apple/ginger juice.

Prescription: Drink regularly to prevent the frequency and severity of migraines!

Whilst I woke up with a migraine this morning, I feel like the addition of these juices has already had such a profound impact upon my migraines. I want to reduce my dependency on medication and so being able to simply juice some celery instead of taking a TripTan is remarkable to me. It is only the second full-on migraine I've had in a month, which is a big improvement for me. AND, about 6 less pills that cut it out, so yay for being less medicated!

If you suffer from migraines (Kel, Heidi, Ashley...) do you juice? If you don't, DO IT! At the very least its worth a try. I was pretty sceptical about it, but am so positive that this is going to help me and is so incredibly good. And they actually taste pretty good too, so it's really such an easy addition to your life that has the potential for HUGE benefits. 

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  1. Love this, I will def have to try the celery juice! I have just started drinking Natural Calm a Magnesium sup and I swear it is making a difference as well! Sorry about the migraines they are the worst :(


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