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21 August 2014

Courgette Ravioli with shredded beef

This is one of those recipes that appeared in my Pinterest feed on a Friday, and was on our plates on the Saturday. 

I haven't found many good gluten-free filled pastas in the UK (although Whole Foods in the US has a few delicious choices that I devoured when we were there) and so I was very excited to make a faux-violi!! 

18 August 2014

He got the Train Cake

As we get ready to head to Jersey again, I thought it would be fun to share a few photos from our last visit, celebrating my nephew Morgans' 3rd Birthday. 

If you aren't Australian then you may have absolutely no idea what this post is about, but I'm going to guess that every Aussie knows exactly what fabulous baking went down to make this title possible!!!

The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book has to be the most famous cookbook in the land! 
Published in 1980 it was THE go-to book for birthday parties. Flicking through the book I can tell you which of my friends had each and every one of the cakes in the book! My favourite ones for my parties were the teddy bear, the lady beetle and the bunny rabbit. 

12 August 2014

meg-made it to Zermatt (Switzerland)

I can't believe it has taken me 6 months to get some of my travel photos together from our weekend away in Switzerland! 

It was 6 months ago now that we went to Zermatt to celebrate my 30th Birthday (which means now I'm closer to 31 than I am to 30, gulp, I need to stop being obnoxiously 30 now I think). 

Maybe its taken me this long  to write about because we had too many photos to look through, but if I'm really honest, its because if I extended the time it took me to post about it, it would in a little way extend the trip too. 

It was the most magical 5 days and was such a special place to celebrate my 30th Birthday.  

Zermatt is nestled in the Swiss Alps in a relatively inaccessible valley watched over by the grand Matterhorn. 

08 August 2014

Quinoa, Pecan & Vanilla Granola (GF)

Happy Friday! 

Thank goodness for the weekend!!! The weeks when Husband travels are always a little rough, but they make us both even happier to see Daddy come through the door at night, and its never over the weekends thank goodness!!!

I thought I would post this granola recipe because its a bit of weekend bake. Its quick, easy, and makes for a delicious brunch.

I always thought granola must have been difficult to make, or why else would all those fancy cafe's be charging a fortune to have it on their menus! But I couldn't have been more wrong.

Making your own granola is SO easy.

This recipe is healthy, gluten-free, filling, and 100% delicious.

05 August 2014

Babes on a guide to flying with kids!

I've written a few posts about flying with kids over the past few years but thought I'd consolidate it all into one comprehensive guide. 

Being Australians living in London, far far away from Grandparents means we've taken our fair share of flights to reunite Maddie with family and friends over the past two years. 

We took 42 flights with Madeleine in her first two years, and so I feel a little qualified to give some tips which may help to reduce some anxiety about flying with kids. 

I'm by no means an  expert, but other than one or two bad flights, I've been pretty proud of the number of times air hostess' comment on how well behaved our little traveller is. 

01 August 2014

Confetti Mariposa

meg-made confetti mariposa butterfly wings girls
Happy Friday to you! I am SO glad its the weekend!

For a fun and playful Friday post I thought I'd share a little photo session we did a week or so ago. 

I have had a lot of fun making these and had such a great time with Madeleine modelling the newest listing in my Etsy store, the Confetti Mariposa

It is a pair of bright and playful butterfly wings filled with confetti pom poms, attached to an alligator clip so that it can be added to any outfit. 

We just wandered around our little neighbourhood, got an "i-cream" and had such a fun afternoon taking photos of our little Mariposa! 

Here's a few (okay okay, a LOT of) photos of our photo session, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

31 July 2014

Treating migraines with juice

I have posted before about the fact that I suffer from migraines. And I don't use those words lightly!!

It is such a horrible experience each and every time I get a migraine, and is compounded by the need to care for my daughter at the same time.

When Maddie was a baby I was getting them quite badly. I had a doula help me out in those early weeks, and then I just had to kind of figure it out myself ever since. 

I remember having to try and find my way into her room without being able to see, place her on a (numb and tingly) breast and hope that I was doing it right, I had no idea in those moments what I was doing.

These days things are a little easier because Maddie can understand a lot more now. This morning I woke up with a migraine that was already in full swing, and so just had to kind of accept it. 

30 July 2014

The Sweetest Thing

I have always been such a baby person, and have wanted one ever since I can remember.

Holding my own baby in my arms for the first time was the most confident moment of my life.

The early feedings didn't bother me. I never minded the many nappy changes. It was all part of having my own little baby and I loved every second of it.

As each day ended, I missed it already. 

I felt so relaxed with a baby, but was a little intimated at the idea of my baby turning into a toddler.

25 July 2014


Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is the direction of meg-made. 

Where do I want meg-made to be going? 

Who reads my blog and what do you care about? 

What do I care about? 

What do I like reading about other blogs?

What am I passionate writing about?

24 July 2014

mum-made... Julie in the Red Shoes

 photo RenAug13_14.jpgToday I am so honoured to have  Julie from The Girl in the Red Shoes stopping by to contribute to mum-made.

I first discovered Julie  when I fell in love with the "Breastfeeding Diaries".

I was craving this exact sharing of experiences over new motherhood when Maddie was first born, and have been a huge fan ever since.

21 July 2014

meg-made it to Union Street Cafe (review)

meg-made Union Street Cafe Review
This past weekend was an unseasonably unplanned weekend for us, and so we took advantage of a family weekend and did lots of fun "London" things together. 

One of these was an exquisite lunch at Gordon Ramsays' Union Street Cafe in Borough. 

It was in such a different locale to the other two we've been to so far (Bread Street Kitchen and Maze Grill) but the Union Street Cafe has such a Melbourne charm to it that we just adored. 

18 July 2014

My Etsy store is Frozen....

meg-made Frozen Etsy Frozen bow frozen baloons
Do you want to build a snowman? Come on lets go and play...

Oh my goodness, I know I'm late to the party, but how amazing is Frozen?

I wasn't so sure I was going to like it after the first ten minutes with so much sadness from the get go, but after the initial gloominess I just fell in love. 

I found Anna to be entirely hilarious and not unlike Miss Madeleine with her mischievous ways.

But that blissful moment when Elsa sheds her dowdy dress and can be her true self in a dazzling shimmering gown, my creative "glitter thumb" practically leaps  with glee!

16 July 2014

Banana, Date & Cinnamon Muffins (GF)

meg-made gluten free banana date and cinnamon muffins
Quite possibly the best gluten free banana muffins you're ever going to eat!

And perhaps some of the healthiest ones too!!

These gluten free banana, date and cinnamon muffins tick all the boxes...

 Checked box symbol Delicious
 Checked box symbol Gluten Free
 Checked box symbol Simple to make
 Checked box symbol Filled with real ingredients
 Checked box symbol Low in sugar/salt/processed foods
 Checked box symbol Kid friendly (and approved by Madeleine!!)

14 July 2014

Giant Confetti Filled Balloons for a very happy Monday!

meg-made giant confetti balloon giant confetti filled balloon
Happy Monday!! 

What did you get up to over the weekend? I hope you had a nice weekend.

I had much-needed acupuncture on Saturday for the first time in a year or so; then we had a sweet little Birthday Party to go to in the afternoon, and Sunday was a day of family Skype sessions and playing in the park. 

And of playing with my new giant confetti-filled balloons!!

I have been selling these giant confetti-filled balloons for a few weeks without having had any time to actually photograph and list them properly.