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30 March 2012

A book of love....

This is the most love I have felt for a piece of fabric in my life. 

No matter what else I sew in life, this will always be my favourite. I wasn't going to blog about it, in fear of losing some of the special-ness of it, but then thought, sharing the book shares the joy too! 

I have been wanting to make a fabric book for our baby for a while now, and it turned out exactly how I was imagining it to be! I wanted it to be something that Pete and I could make together, and so warned him weeks and weeks ago that he was going to be spending time cutting fruit out of felt! I sewed the book together and prepared the work area with every colour of felt possible, and a list of ten different types of fruit, and we set to work. 

Don't you think it looks super cute?? 

(Pete made the pineapples....aren't they amazing!!)

 I just love the book, loved making it with Pete, fell more in love with him when he proudly presented his first pineapple to me and love picturing us reading it to our children over the coming years.

It is my happy place. 

19 March 2012

A call for curtains!

We have drop-down drapes hanging on all the windows in our house, which are somewhat effective in that they block rays of sun, but that's about all they do. They do not provide much warmth in winter, and certainly don't provide much darkness in the early mornings! Whilst this is fine for us, it just simply won't do for our little baby!

I made these tab-top curtains months and months ago, before we knew the babys' gender. I used really heavy quality cotton and backed them with calico. I made the pink ties on the afternoon after finding out we were having a girl, was eager to make anything pink!

The curtains at least keep some warmth in and provide a fair amount of darkness, so hopefully we'll be able to get her to understand the difference between night and day, as soon as humanly possible!!

16 March 2012

Bunny buttons

I got these sweet bunny buttons from my friends' button company, Incomparable Buttons. I put them away, waiting for the perfect chance to use them, and I have finally figured out how best to use them. We have a bit of a bunny theme happening for our little one, and so I knew these buttons would be perfect for something for her! 

I bought this plain little cardigan, which is very sweet, but was very, very plain! It came with two plain beige buttons, how boring! Plain, plain, plain...

How much sweeter does it look now with the bunnies! 

Be sure to look at Incomparable Buttons, not only the most adorable buttons I've ever seen, but supports an amazing cause too. Oh, and there's currently a give-away on these exact bunnies too!!!!!

06 March 2012

Name blocks and bunting...

We have three girls names that we are tossing up between at the moment, and as the due date gets closer and closer, the decision seems to get more and more difficult!

But, that isn't going to put my nesting instincts on hold, so I am pressing on without a name, and just making sure I have made accommodations for whichever we are deciding between.

When my little niece was due to come in and change our lives 3 years ago, I made her a little cot blanket of varying greens and yellow polkadots (they weren't finding out the gender ahead of time). And then when my little nephew was due to come along, I wanted to make something other than a blanket, and so made him some named soft blocks. I thought until he was big enough to play with them, they'd look sweet in his bedroom, spelling out his beautiful name. And then, he can throw them around (and possibly at his big sister) and it wouldn't do any damage!

For Christmas gifts, Holly enlisted my help to make some blocks for her new nephew and a friends' baby girl too, and so here are the three sets of blocks that I have made:

For my nephew Morgan

For Hollys' nephew Reed

For Holly's friends' daughter Sofia

When it comes to our little bub though, we don't really have a heap of space in our nursery, so I thought I would do Name Bunting instead. But, until we have picked the name, it is just a plain bunting for now (with more than enough letters for any of our options!). I like that the bunting fills the white space of an entire wall, and is an effective tie-in for our colour scheme! 

What do you think?

Now, what letters am I to cut out.....