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30 March 2012

A book of love....

This is the most love I have felt for a piece of fabric in my life. 

No matter what else I sew in life, this will always be my favourite. I wasn't going to blog about it, in fear of losing some of the special-ness of it, but then thought, sharing the book shares the joy too! 

I have been wanting to make a fabric book for our baby for a while now, and it turned out exactly how I was imagining it to be! I wanted it to be something that Pete and I could make together, and so warned him weeks and weeks ago that he was going to be spending time cutting fruit out of felt! I sewed the book together and prepared the work area with every colour of felt possible, and a list of ten different types of fruit, and we set to work. 

Don't you think it looks super cute?? 

(Pete made the pineapples....aren't they amazing!!)

 I just love the book, loved making it with Pete, fell more in love with him when he proudly presented his first pineapple to me and love picturing us reading it to our children over the coming years.

It is my happy place. 


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