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25 April 2012

Book hanger

I am pretty proud of this one! It actually worked out exactly how I was hoping, and having just created it as I went along, I actually wouldn't have changed anything! It was far easier than I had anticipated, even with the pockets having pleats and all!

Here is the book hanger that I've made for the nursery. For my little Niece and Nephew, we are "those" Aunts and Uncles who always give a book as one of their many gifts for birthdays and Christmases. So, naturally, about to become parents ourselves, we have a huge desire for our little one to be surrounded by books. I wanted to make this hanger so that books will always be on hand in her room, so that even when she but a few hours old, we can read to her.

I found this fabric and fell in love! It was everything I wanted for our nursery! I am sort of glad I didn't find it until I was half way through the decorating process though, as otherwise, I'm afraid the walls would have been covered in it!!!

Here is a photo of how the pockets sit without any books in them. It is made from one long piece of fabric, pleated at both sides, and a large pleat sewn in the middle. I knew she would have quite the library, so flat pockets just wouldn't do!

And what would we find wandering amongst the pretty trees and grass, why an elephant, zebra and horse of course!!! I love these Incomparable Buttons so much!!!


11 April 2012

Nappy Stacker

I've been wanting to make a nappy stacker since well before falling pregnant, but for some reason, became quite timid to ever get started on it.

There's a few online tutorials which I read through, but couldn't find any to be exactly what I was after, or that seemed simple enough for me to follow sans-pattern. I made mine quite large so that it will fit big girl nappies in two years as well as the teeny tiny adorable newborn ones for very soon. I wanted to keep the colours fairly neutral soon so that perhaps one day all that may need changing is making blue ties in place of the pink ribbons.

Although it took me a while to get started, it actually wasn't difficult to make, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I found a sturdy piece of cardboard from a packing box and used this as the base size. I then cut my four side pieces based on the cardboard dimensions, and made them all the same height. The two side panels I made into isosceles trapezoids (yep, had to wiki my quadrilaterals for that one). I wanted the sides to be expandable but didn't want to mess around with too many pleats.

I used the base board in the stacker to hold the base firm. I covered one side of the board with batting and covered it in the same fabric. It feels lovely with the padding rather than solid board.

I wanted to use ribbons at the top so that I have flexibility with how it is displayed, not limiting me forever to a coat hanger.

I am really happy with how it turned out and couldn't help myself, and have already started filling it with nappies!! It will hold almost 70 newborn diapers, soooo, that's the first week taken care of!! 

Oh golly...