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30 July 2014

The Sweetest Thing

I have always been such a baby person, and have wanted one ever since I can remember.

Holding my own baby in my arms for the first time was the most confident moment of my life.

The early feedings didn't bother me. I never minded the many nappy changes. It was all part of having my own little baby and I loved every second of it.

As each day ended, I missed it already. 

I felt so relaxed with a baby, but was a little intimated at the idea of my baby turning into a toddler.

 Babies I understood, toddlers were a whole new world, and I was so nervous that I wouldn't know what to do with one. 

I had no idea that not only did I not need to worry, but I should have been excited. My baby girl is turning into the most sweet-natured and kind toddler, and every day with her is better than the one before it. She amazes me each and every day I can't believe how much more I love her each day. 

I wanted to share some of the sweet moments I've had with Madeleine this week that make life with a toddler totally not scary (maybe there are some mums out there who are nervous like I was). Every single day I am told what a sweet girl she is by someone, and so rather than posting a dessert recipe today, I thought I'd share a little of Madeleine's sweetness.

Each morning when the young lady finally arises (anywhere from 9:30 onwards, yes, I know I got lucky) she just plays in her bed with her animals. She practices her new words with her animals and this morning I heard "you're welcome you're welcome you're welcome".  

If Maddie is sad, sick or sore she needs a cuddle. I hear a little whimper and a "mummy cuddle Maddie better" and then after a giant bear hug, "Maddie happy 'gen (again), tank you mummy". And she is off again. 

And equally, if we are sore or sick, she wants to give us kisses to make us happy too. If I kick my toe, and yell and hop around the kitchen, she tootles over and kisses it better. 

Maddie received a little bunny for her 2nd birthday from her friend Finnegan, a very similar one to her original and favourite bunny, Bollie. The only difference between the two bunnies is that the new bunny has flowers in her ears and paws. I was coming up with all kinds of florally names for the new bunny, but Maddie had come up with a name on her own. I heard Maddie talking to the new bunny, calling her "special Bollie". Neither Pete nor I had suggested this to her, her sweet little mind knew it was like Bollie, but with special ears, so Special Bollie it is. 


If I say to Maddie that she's a cheeky monkey, I am told "no no mummy, sneaky fox". I can thank Dora for that one, but nonetheless, it's so sweet,

Pete has been travelling a bit with work lately and came home the other night saying he may be off to Athens next week. Maddie looked up at him, repeated "Thens..." and then so sweetly, innocently and expectantly said "we go too??". If only the prices in July were more reasonable, her Daddy was putty in our hands!!

I have people, stop me on the street every day to tell me what a sweet girl she is. When we are at a nice restaurant or wine bar people are always coming over to tell us how well behaved she is, and how sweet she seems.

As a parent, its so nice when your child's nature is complimented. It means so much to me that her personality and character is shining through. 

Whenever we leave the house we have to choose one little baby bunny to take on our adventures with us, to which she shows them things, lets them smell the flowers and introduces them to anyone we meet. 

I need to record her sweet little voice a whole lot more because these are the moments that make everything in the world brighter. I recorded this one on my phone on Monday when I was putting her down for a nap in the afternoon.  

Of all of the many sweet moments in each day, Madeleines' bedtime routine is the sweetest moment of each day. My Husband does the bath/book routine now and so I get my goodnight kisses after she's had her bath (and is all naked and warm and smelling incredible I might add). I get a cuddle and a kiss, and then it's Daddy's turn. And then it's "family kisssss" time in which the three of us cuddle and Maddie slathers kisses on us both, pushes Pete and I together for a kiss and then announces "family happy". My heart melts every time. 

This little girl is getting more beautiful every day. Her spirit is beautiful. I am so proud of my daughter and it gives me such a sense of pride that I am her mother. That I am raising such a gentle and compassionate person. The world surely needs more of her.


  1. What a beautiful post Meg! she is such a gorgeous girl xx

    1. Thanks Kate! The sweet character trait must come from being born on the 10th of June!!! :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ashley! Waverly and Maddie would have so much fun together, although I think miss Maddie would forever be playing catch up with your little speedster!! xx

  3. So sweet. I was the exact opposite of you - I loved toddlers and was afraid if babies - and I too was happily surprised. Every phase is so fleeting, and all of them have a special magic about them.

    1. Well I know where to send her when I'm struggling with her toddlerness then!!!! :) xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Catherine, she really is (but we have our moments too of course!!!!!!). Sorry I didn't reply earlier too, but we'd love a playdate sometime for sure!!! Are you around in August? xx

  5. Aww, she is the sweetest with the sweetest smile! i have to ask though-- does she ever have toddler tantrums or act cross?

    1. Oh Chrissy OF COURSE she does!! But I only video those moments to send to my husband in moments of desperation begging him to come home and help me!!!!!!! Ha! Overall she is super sweet, but of course she has her meltdowns too. She's very independent and so if she isn't able to do something herself (like running down a busy road for example) then we definitely have some tears. But she's also very easily distracted, so if I can get her interested in the next thing super quickly then the world calms back down again!!! xx

  6. Ahhh! I'm in love - what a gorgeous post Meg! This really made me smile.


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