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19 March 2014

Baby to Little Lady Nursery Update: Nursing to Rocking chair

Last week I did a post on the updates that we've made to Madeleine's room, as our little baby becomes a little lady. These changes have been subtle but effective, and it has become my favourite room in the house again!

The one big item that I wanted to change was the nursing chair. I loved my rocker/glider throughout my final trimester when I could no longer sleep in our bed, and loved all the hours I nursed my baby in it. But, gone are those hours spent cuddling in a chair, replaced by segments of time playing and reading and singing instead.

I did some research into chairs and have always loved our neighbours chair, and was beyond thrilled to find the Eames RAR replica chairs were about an 8th of the price! Yay! So farewell old chunky nursing chair and hello slimline rocking chair! 

meg-made: Baby to Little Lady Nursing/Rocking chair

The new chair takes up about half the space of the old one, and I kept our footstool so it is still just as comfortable to sit and do some rocking and reading together. Our little girl loves to read so its nice to still have a special little place to sit and read together.

meg-made: Baby to Little Lady Nursing/Rocking chair Eames RAR

Plus this one is light enough for Maddie to be able to rock herself in now, which amuses her greatly!

meg-made: Baby to Little Lady Nursing/Rocking chair Eames RAR

meg-made: Baby to Little Lady Nursing/Rocking chair Eames RAR

meg-made: Baby to Little Lady Nursing/Rocking chair Eames RAR

You may detect a little bit of a theme (gotta love a theme) and so loosely it is just soft neutral tones with touches of pink and gold. Maddie knows how to say "pretty" now, and I'll give her two different options and she'll always pick the pink or gold one and say "pretttttttty". So really, I can't deny my daughter her wishes can I...? hehe.

I made this gold bow cushion to add to her little elephants cushion, and love the little bit of glam it adds to her room! 

meg-made: Baby to Little Lady Nursing/Rocking chair Eames RAR

I have finished off the changes to her curtains, which has also made a huge difference to the brightness of the room, but this post is getting lengthy enough, so that will be another post next week!

Maddie and I are off to Jersey today, so if you're wondering why I am posting photos of the beach and cows, now you know!!! I hope you are having a lovely week!!

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  1. I love that chair! It's gorgeous! You're doing a wonderful job of transforming her room.

    Might I say, Maddie is really starting to look like you... really... the resemblance is undeniable!

    Wishing you a lovely day. Sounds like you have some adventures ahead of you.

    1. The best compliment I can receive, thank you so much Jennifer! xx

  2. I love that chair! I love that it doesn't look like the typical rocking chair. I would have never guessed it was a rocking chair!
    Home Style Love

    1. Thanks Lauren, that's what I liked about the chair too! And this one can at least grow with her too. I hope you've had a nice weekend xx


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