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20 May 2014

Tone It Up Tuesdays: Bikini Series

A few months ago I posted about discovering the Tone It Up girls Karena & Katrina, and in this time, have become a bit of a Tone It Up devotee.

They have kicked off the new Bikini Series 2014 and I have to say I LOVE IT!

I was all over the Love Your Body series and actually got to a point that I was finding it almost easy, but this new Bikini Series seriously kicks my butt (or should I say "booty"). 

Back in the day when I was actually kind of fit during Uni I had a few friends and I who used to love going and doing park workouts together.

I would love coming up with a circuit routine which would be lots of strength training mixed with high intensity cardio in short bursts. It was so much fun!

Whenever I watch Karena & Katrina I kind of feel like its a window into the past (and hopefully into the future of where my fitness levels might one day get back to).

It feels strange being in the UK and worrying about "bikini season" but these past few days have reminded me that summer IS coming and so I've been doing some bikini searching to get some extra motivation!

I used to love working out before my wedding because I used to just run with my dress in mind, and so when I found my wedding-dress-in-a-swimsuit (the ruffled halter-collars) I decided that  the bikini would be my new goal!


Here are my absolute favourite swimsuits at the moment (all on my Pinterest "Stylised" board). Whilst I know reality is a far stretch from dreams, I would love to be happy enough to go sans-board shorts again one day and I think one of these gorgeous swimsuits might convince me to do so!

My routine at the moment is to try and get a workout in every morning before I get going for the day, but often its with a little toddler running around and trying to copy what I'm doing! My absolute favourite move is the Mermaid, which targets my most favourite area, the obliques. This move I do every day in the hopes that I will one day find my obliques, which seem to remain awol.

I'm so in love with all the workouts and am loving the soundtrack to this series (my little girl walks around saying "dizzy daisy", that's how often I do these workouts!).

I know we're in such a phase of gyms still being popular, but do you ever workout at home? Does anyone else follow Karena & Katrina?? I have noticed that none other than Lauren Conrad follows along, and well, if its good enough for LC, it's good enough for me!!

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  1. I love the Tone It Up girls! I first started following their workouts to get in shape after having my daughter & loved how fun their workouts were. Plus they film at the beach so it's inspiring :) I totally plan on following them again after baby #2!
    Home Style Love

    1. They are so much fun aren't they! I wonder whether Katrina will fall pregnant after her wedding and then record the "pregnancy series"!! Though I can't imagine she'd really look the way I did pregnant! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Meg, I tried one of their workouts this morning and it is fabulous! I'm hooked, thanks for the recommendation :)

    1. Oh that's awesome! Maybe after our next afternoon tea we should gather for a workout too!!! xx


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