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28 January 2014

Fast Diet - Week 14 - #LoseDayTuesday

Week 14 of the 5:2 Fast Diet!! To find out more about it, read my original post here

Ever since I started the Fast Diet 14 weeks ago, I feel like I have been from one illness to the next. Perhaps this is because it coincides with winter, but I just don't feel like I've had more than one or two healthy weeks where I can fully embrace Fasting and give Fast Exercise a go! This past week I have had my Christmas cold return, and coupled with some miserable London weather, didn't quite achieve my exercise goals.

But one of the best benefits for me to be on the Fast Diet is that my awareness of what my body needs has increased dramatically. Whilst I sometimes ignore it when I hear it saying "no more dinner Meg, you've had enough", I always listen when it tells me to rest. So this week I listened, rested and it feels like I have finally kicked this colds' butt!

I decided that the way I was going to banish this seemingly never-ending cold was with vegetables and vitamins. Also known as soup. Lots and lots of soup. Soup is perfect on a Fast Day too, because it can be full of nutrients without hiding many calories. So one particularly grim and miserable Fast Day, I made a trio of soups, and the next day, started to feel better.

On your marks, get set, soup!

The Fast Diet recipes meg-made: Soup trio
The Fast Diet recipes meg-made: Soup trioThe Fast Diet recipes meg-made: Soup trioThe Fast Diet recipes meg-made
Lunch - Courgette and Leek Soup

I wasn't terribly in love with this soup, so am not going to bother sharing the recipe, but it was filling and two hearty serves of vegetables!

Afternoon Tea - Carrot & Ginger soup with Orange

This soup was the soup to cure a cold! I wanted to combine ginger and orange to really up my immunity! I feel like I could bottle this one up and sell it next to Cold&Flu tabs, but the best part is that it actually tasted good too. The ginger and orange really made it so fresh and zingy! The recipe post is here.

The Fast Diet recipes meg-made: Carrot and ginger soup with orange
The Fast Diet recipes meg-made: Carrot and ginger soup with orange
Second Dinner -  Chorizo & Butterbean Soup

My old favourite from Lavender & Lovage!

Dessert - (fictitious chicken soup)

My little sous-chef was busy making all kinds of this week, but the little nurturer kept bringing me a pot of chicken soup and forcing it upon my mouth! It amused me greatly that it was always the Roast Chicken that she would stir up and present to me, I don't know how she knows about Soul Food at 18 months old, but it was so sweet nonetheless. And guess what - calories = zero! Ficticious food may the way forward!

The Fast Diet recipes meg-made


Water is natures best expectorant, so in my quest to banish this cold I have been downing litres and litres of H20 each day!  I also made a range of infusions, particularly with fresh ginger, so sipped on these all day long.

Total calories for the day = 460


Not an impressive week of exercise but I have done as much as I felt able to. I've done lots of mini-pilates sessions at home and had my Skype technique session with Joanne Elphinston to perfect my plank, for the 30 to 30 Plank Challenge

Weight loss?

Total loss to date = 3.5kg (7.7lbs)

Goodness gracious me! Lets hope this coming week is a bit more successful! I would just love to have a healthy week so I can actually focus on eating well and doing some exercise.

Goals for the coming week

My goals for this coming week are:
  • Continue Plank Challenge, get to 70 seconds holding
  • Do a sneaky 16:8 Fast on the weekend
  • If my health allows, head to the pool for some laps! 
  • Do a big walk through the Heath with the pram up all the hills 
Lots to work on, but also I am proud of listening to what my body needs, and resting when it needs it. But now, it's time to be healthy and get moving!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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