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27 January 2014

Australia Day 2014.... Lambassadors!

Happy (belated) Australia Day to everyone for yesterday!!

"I've been to cities that never close down. From New York to Rome and old London Town. But no matter how far, or how wide I roam...." 

I am not sure whether it is just because it has been just so gosh darn miserable in London these past few weeks, but this Australia Day, I missed Home. 

Watching the Australian Open tennis final in Melbourne this morning made me miss our old stomping ground where we spent 4 wonderful years before moving to the UK. But at the same time, it was so leisurely to be watching the Tennis final at a civilised hour on a Sunday morning, rather than through bleary eyes well into the night.

Tuning in to the final songs on the Triple J's Hottest 100 made me miss my Uni days in Queensland where we'd fill an inflatable pool, have a barbie and drink beers all afternoon listening to the countdown. But at the same time, knowing a heap of the top 10 songs made me feel a little like I'm still connected to those happy times.

Giggling at Sam Kekovich's 2014 Australia Day Message made me so happy to have my own little Lambassador to share our Aussie ways with! We were only too happy to fulfil our civic duty to teach the next generation to love lamb!!

meg-made: Australia Day 2014 Lambassadors

Making hamburgers for lunch, made me miss our massive 6 burner BBQ that we loved having big cookouts on our back deck when it had cooled down a little at night. But at the same time, huddled together having amazing Lamb Burgers and watching Maddie eat the world's tiniest burger (and me the world's largest) was a new kind of delicious fun. 

meg-made: Australia Day 2014 Lambassadors

meg-made: Australia Day 2014 Lambassadors

meg-made: Australia Day 2014 Lambassadors

meg-made: Australia Day 2014 Lambassadors

Sitting inside all day watching the rain pitter patter on the window panes made me miss the warmth of the sunshine and the rich blue skies that seems to exist only in my memories. But at the same time, this meant more time reading, playing, eating ANZAC biscuits and dancing together with my wonderful little family, and that wins over a blue sky any day.

meg-made: Australia Day 2014 Lambassadors ANZAC biscuits

And having quite possibly the best pavlova I've ever made, made me miss so many people that I wish I could have shared it with. But then devouring possibly the best pavlova I've ever made (and discovering that after years of scraping away the passionfruit, I actually kind of LOVE it), made me proud of my baking prowess and of having a really fun-shaped country to embellish with!

meg-made: Bronzed Aussie Pavlova

meg-made: Bronzed Aussie Pavlova with ANZAC ice-cream

meg-made: Aussie Pavlova with blackberries and passionfruit

"....I still call Australia, still call Australia, I still call Australia Home"(If you don't know this famous Qantas add, it's so beautiful, but if you're feeling homesick, it will do you no favours!)

Happy Australia Day everyone!

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  1. Meg, this whole post looks so delicious!!! I think you made more of an Aussie Australia day than I did here!! xxx Saraid

    1. Ha thanks Saraidy! It's always the way, you don't know what you've got till it's gone!! Other than keeping the beer cold I rarely went to much effort when I lived there, it's being away that makes it more special and longed for!!! xx


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