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13 January 2014


I mentioned in my Happy 2014 post that I have lots of things planned for meg-made this year, and I wanted to introduce you to the branches of meg-made first up!

I've had my Etsy store "meg-made" up and running since April last year and in this time have developed two fairly distinct sections to my store. The first section is filled with headbands, hair clips and aprons, all for adorable little kiddies. The second section is where I've been selling confetti-filled balloons, food picks and cake buntings. I decided that I wanted to name these two branches separately and so set about coming up with a brand for them both. 

I want to introduce you firstly to meggie...

The name is the combination of mine and my daughters' name and therefore is near and dear to my heart. I wanted meggie to be young, fun and intrinsic to meg-made. 

I've had a lot of fun designing a few new products to launch the meggie range. I can't help but design for what I know, and so now that headbands are more difficult to place (and keep) on an 18 month old, I'm all about the clips! 
meggie meg-made Etsy: Elfie flower clip
Elfie flower clip
Photographing a toddler is infinitely harder than a baby though, so 9/10 of my photos have a little less focus and a lot more pluck!! 

meggie meg-made Etsy

I have kept some of the headbands though, as I still think they are completely adorable for the willing and still baby!!
meggie meg-made Etsy: Maddie Bow
Maddie Bow
And I still love the little kids aprons, so they'll be sticking around too!!
Later in the week I'll introduce you to my party range, but for now, I have a very active toddler wanting some attention!!! Thanks for allowing me to introduce you to meggie!

Have a lovely week!

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  1. YAY mama!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you and LOVE all of the stuff!!!! XO

    1. Thanks Ashley! I'll have to get some of the new clips your way soon!!! xx

  2. Wonderful! You are so productive! I sold out of my products before Christmas, added 2 more to my shop but have lost the gumption to produce more. You've inspired me!

    Congrats Meg!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Wow that's awesome, good work you! You must have been super busy!!!Thanks for the encouragement!! xx


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