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30 January 2014

Introducing....... Poppins!

A few weeks ago I introduced you to meggie, the brand dedicated to my kiddies range of accessories available on my Etsy store. 

Today I want to introduce you to Poppins! 

Poppins is the brand dedicated to my party supplies range, also available on my Etsy store. 

When thinking about a name for my party range I drew my inspiration from my surroundings. One of my favourite parts of living in Hampstead in London is our proximity to my absolute favourite nanny, Mary Poppins. The authoress of the Mary Poppins books (P.L Travers) was an Australian lady who lived in London when she wrote the series of novels about the magical British nanny. There are many references to Hampstead in the movie, the most notable is the neighbouring house of the Banks family, the house of Admiral Boon. 

This house, originally built by a neurotic ex-naval officer was built with two decks with cannons mounted all around to fire salutes on the King's birthday's. It was then the basis for Admiral's Boon house, and happens to be just around the corner from our house, so we feel the influence of supercalifragalisticexpeallidocious every day! 

So in naming my range of balloons and other party decorations, I decided to go with Poppins, which also is obviously what happens with balloons and champagne, two key elements for a great party!!!

There's lots of fun confetti-filled balloons in many fun and beautiful colour combinations (or I accept custom orders to make the balloons fit perfectly for your next event)

And in honour of Admiral Boon, there's even a nautical themed bunch of balloons too!!

In addition to confetti-filled balloons there are also lots of seasonal party supplies, which changes regularly and includes items such as cake bunting toppers, food picks and lots of glitter! 

There's a few exciting new products that are going to be released in February, and Im SUPER DOOPER excited about one of them, so will share that as soon as I can!!! 

I love getting photos of little babies in their sweet little hair accessories, but would also love to see photos of your events decorated with confetti-filled balloons, so make sure you send them through too!!

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