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24 October 2013

meg-made it to Customs House Brisbane (review)

Last month when we were in Australia we had a lot to do in a short amount of time. So we wanted to be sure we didn't waste any time going to a sub-par restaurant. Custom's House was definitely not sub-par!

I was so excited when my oldest friend (in terms of we've been friends since we were 5, she's not 98 or anything) contacted me to let me know she'd be in Brisbane the weekend that we were there I was so excited! I hadn't seen Kate since our wedding a few years back, so was so excited that our paths had crossed brilliantly one glorious morning on the banks of the Brisbane River. 

I had never been to Customs House before, but always admired the building (and location!). When looking at online menu's I realised that it was potentially $1-2 more expensive than other run-of-the-mill restaurants and so I thought the view alone was worth the extra, let alone the menu options!!!!! Plus I wanted to take my friend somewhere a little bit more special.

Customs House for Sunday brunch is my Brisbane gem, mostly overlooked, but definitely worth a visit.

The menu is delightful. 

They serve Chai Lattes - yes, I had two. 

Mr M had the crab omelette, which was out of this world. I was put off by the accompaniments but had some serious order-envy when it arrived. 

My Eggs Royale was perfection though. I even enjoyed the spinach, it tasted buttery! 

It was such a thoroughly lovely morning sitting by the river on a gorgeous Spring morning, sharing delicious food with such wonderful company. Happy 30th for yesterday too Kate, I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

I HIGHLY recommend going to Customs House if you are looking for a slightly more upscale dining experience without the upscale price-tag. 

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  1. That chai latte looks amazing! Oh yum!

    Looks like a gorgeous setting too.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  2. They are just outstanding in Aus! I crave them do much in London. Sometimes I find a good one, but never the perfect Chai!! Xx


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