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21 October 2013

Viewtorial: How to poach an egg

Do you know how to poach an egg? I didn't until today!! When I go out for brunch I always order a meal that comes with a poached egg, because it's just something I've never been able to master. 

But then I thought, how hard could it be really?! And the answer is, not all the hard, you just have to break through the fear factor!!!

Whenever I tried in the past, I would see my egg white going everywhere in the pot and then just toss the lot out, without allowing it the time to reform. There's always going to be some little bits of whites that flake off, but after watching Gordon Ramsay poach an egg and seeing that his does this too, I thought maybe it might be time to try again!! I was finally inspired by my friends' boyfriend who proclaimed how easy it was to do, but I didn't have apple cider vinegar so I had to use regular white wine vinegar instead! But, he was right, it wasn't as hard as I had worked it up to be.

Look what I created on my first attempt! One-handed!!

I had planned on filming this while Baby M slept, but she had other plans, and they did not align! We had one of those days today. For about two hours all she wanted was to be cuddled. 

Straight after I finished, it was all smiles again! 

We then had a lovely afternoon walking in the brisk afternoon air, reading books and having a massive nap (her, not I)! 

I just chose the wrong time of the day to attempt this venture. Never mind, she add's a certain extra pazazz to my video!! 

I hope you like the viewtorial and if you aren't a confident egg poached, give it a go again, if I can do it one-handed imagine what you can achieve with two!!! The quality seems to have been compromised a little, but I hope it is clear enough to make sense of.

meg-made viewtorial: How to poach an egg

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  1. Well done Meg!! You look lovely, Maddie is adorable (as always) and the egg looked delicious!! I'm going to have to give this a try.


    1. Thanks Holly!! Let me know if it works!! Oh and I have a new collaboration to discuss.... xx

  2. She is adorable...and the fact she's giving you the middle finger with that cheeky grin proves she'll keep you on your toes for years to come!

    1. Thank you! She is definitely cheeky beyond her years! But luckily for now it's balanced out by her sweetness, hopefully that'll stay too!!! xx


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