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28 October 2013

My Best Friends' Wedding....Cake

Last month we went to Australia to catch up with family and to be part of my best friends' wedding. Saraid is Baby M's Godmother and I love her like a sister (without the fighting!). To stand by her (beautiful) side on the most important day of her life is a memory I will always cherish.

It was a whirlwind trip but I wouldn't have it any other way. We got to the Hunter Valley on the Tuesday, ahead of the Friday wedding, as we needed some time to bake the Wedding Cake. Saraid wanted for us to make the cake together, and I was really looking forward to spending that time baking together, creating the cake for her special day. She wanted a simple and home-made looking cake, so we knew we could do that! Plus, we operate on the same crazy time efficiencies so it just works! 

The bottom tier of the cake was two white chocolate mud cakes. The top tier was Saraids favourite cake, Hummingbird. A Hummingbird cake is similar to a banana cake, but also has mango, pineapple and coconut. I was hesitant about the Hummingbird cake as I had tried one in London before coming, and it failed miserably! But, it was a case of sometimes fresh isn't best. As soon as we made a practice one with tinned fruit, it was perfect, and not a big sloppy mess like my first attempt. 

On the Wednesday Saraid and I made the two white chocolate mud cakes. 

On the Thursday during the day we made the two Hummingbird cakes. I wanted the Gluten-Intolerant guests to have something to eat too, so made 6 gluten free cupcakes to match the main cake. Also on Thursday was the big family dinner before the wedding, and so I wanted to help Saraid's mum out and so made 40 mini pavlova's with chantilly cream and fresh berries. 

That night I also did the crumb coating on all 4 cakes. This is the first layer of buttercream icing that sets on the cakes to make the second layer smooth and crumb-free, and means when you do the second layer, you won't see the cake through it!

The morning of the wedding I got up and started icing the cakes. Nervously. I started getting RSI two hours later, I just wanted it to look exactly how Saraid had envisioned. 

Here are the little cupcakes that I made for the gluten intolerant guests (including moi of course!). Saraid gave me free reign to jazz these up a little, so I wanted to tie in the gorgeous pearl detail of her wedding dress. They were a little over the top, but when they were plated up, they looked gorgeous!

On the morning of the wedding people kept asking us over and over again why on earth we wanted to bake this cake ourselves. I just LOVED Saraids answer:

"Because we are F****n good bakers"

On the night of the wedding we (I) nervously awaited the cutting of the cake and the first taste, because of course I couldn't taste the cakes along the way! But, all reports were positive and it looked awesome (if I may say so myself?!). 

The photographer took some lovely shots of our masterpiece, thanks for these James Day!

The next morning was the recovery, Australia vs the Rest of The World in cricket! Mr M and I have been away so long we were traded and had to play AGAINST Australia (aka they were short on players), but, that point aside, it was such an enjoyable way to see everyone again and have some fun on the oval. 

I had some stickers made up which matched the invites, and so prior to the cricket match, I cake bagged the remaining pieces, to help with the morning after sore heads! 

I could go on all day long about how much it meant to be there for Saraid, about the feeling like I just gained a brother-in-law in Tom, and how making this cake will always be the most delicious and best tasting cake I never ate. 

To my best friend and her new husband, I look forward to a lifetime of making and sharing "f'n good cakes" together and can't wait to celebrate the next big milestone in your lives together, whenever that may be!

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NB: recipes to come!

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  1. Baking your own wedding cake – probably the sweetest baking experience one could have. And sharing that experience with your best friend makes it sweeter! It was nice of you to help Saraid. Congrats on the positive outcome! The cupcakes look pretty awesome. Jason Underwood @ La Patisserie


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