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14 October 2013

Laura Ashley blog cameo appearance, catering a baby shower!

Do you remember how back in July I was the Cakerer for a baby shower my friend Lauren was hosting?  

And how I said I was looking forward to being part of an event that was incorporating a much-loved brand Laura Ashley...?


I was pretty chuffed last week to see that little old me was on the Laura Ashley blog (well not me exactly, but my baked goods and cake bunting were!!). 

Lauren wrote a great "How To" guide on pulling together a baby shower in true Laura Ashley style, and included in this were the cakes and treats I made for the event. 

Hop on over to the Laura Ashley blog and see how well it all came together!

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  1. Congrats! It all looks so beautiful... I loved seeing your cake, treats, and book bunting on there - well done Meg!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I was pretty chuffed to be there, even in such a small way it still felt good! xx


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