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10 October 2013

Falling in love with Fall

After summering in London, New York and Australia it was about time for our endless summer to come to an end. And London actually does Fall really well. Our little part of London is starting to practically sparkle with the amount of golden leaves falling in this blustery weather we are having.

But I am embracing this weather, both with creative apparel and creative cooking! I have been wanting to make Baby M some winter headbands that double as earwarmers for a while now, and the cooler change that came through this week made for a perfect chance to head to the park and test it out!

She had so much fun playing in the leaves and just being outside after being all cooped up for the past week with a rotten cold, and when I took the headband off when we got home, her cheeks were so cold but her little ears were toasty warm.

These headbands will be available on my Etsy store to help get your little one ready for the cooler weather thats on its way.

Oh and I made myself one too, but I think it's kind of ridiculous, so perhaps won't be mass-produced any time soon!!

I was walking around Hampstead this morning and walked past a house that was baking cinnamon. Just cinnamon. It was practically seeping out of the bricks it was so rich and aromatic. As soon as I got home I got out my cinnamon and set to work to create a quick and easy, fall-inspired donut/snowball. I love them so much, they're getting their own post too!! Four ingredients, ten minutes to make, ten minutes to bake, and lets be real, ten minutes to inhale!

Okay, off to quickly write the recipe up for you, then I have 8 left to eat!!!! 8 glorious SILLYNUTS!!

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  1. OOH! Love the new headband! Definitely need a couple of those for my girls!

  2. I love fall... my absolute favourite season.

    The headbands are adorable! And you are adorable!

    Sillynuts? I can't wait!

  3. Oh M looks SO CUTE! As do you, I love these. I am certainly going to get my hands on some sort of cable knit headband/ earwarmer this winter... xx


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