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23 June 2013

1st Birthday Party Food

Though, lets be real, it wasn't food FOR the Birthday Girl! Other than trying her first piece of cake, she was content with rice crackers and yooss (juice for those not in the know!). And as we don't know loads and loads of people in London and most of our friends are yet to take the leap into parenthood, there was a grand total of 4 children at Baby M's party. So, it was mostly about play for the kiddies and food for the big kids. 

I had a lot of fun planning the food for this party and definitely more fun eating it! I made a mix of gluten-free and regular food, and decided to throw caution into the wind and eat a piece of White Chocolate Birthday Cake, to hell with the consequences (as an aside, I did suffer for the following 4 days, but hey, it was my baby girl's first birthday cake and I was determined that I was going to have a piece with her).  

The photos I took were in a huge flurry of activity, so they aren't perfectly composed/exposed etc but here are the photos that I did take of the food we served on the day. I will do a post with some specific recipes too, but thought it would be fun to show a little of the delicacies we indulged in to celebrate our little lady. 

The Birthday Cake. I wanted to do an M and this was okay, but I was so rushed getting it iced and finished in the end (I was doing the stripes as guests were arriving) and so I wasn't entirely happy with how it looked. 

But however it looked, it tasted delicious!

Salted Caramel Popcorn with gold glitter

Raspberry Creme Brulee with gold leaf (Recipe to come, it was a bit ridiculous!)

Watermelon, feta and mint stacks

Smoked salmon with cucumber rounds (I just couldn't get GF sweet potato blinis to work, so decided the cucumbers were a thousand times easier, still GF and equally as tasty).

Sliders. Who doesn't love sliders! Well I didn't get to have one, but the fact that they all disappeared within about a minute tells me these were okay. They were lamb, with a tomato relish, jack cheese and gherkins.

Musk sticks. Of course these are an Australian treat, they're a little odd. It was funny when we offered these around and some of our American friends were having such a hard time figuring them out and what they reminded them of. I'm not sure, but I always loved them growing up, and thought they were more like a decoration that you can eat than anything else!

Drinks time! We served Jansz sparkling rose, which is very special to us because it was the bubbles we toasted with on the afternoon that Mr M proposed to me, 4 years ago in Byron Bay. We visited the small(ish) vineyard when we went to Tasmania one year and were stoked to have found it in London. 

We also served two different cocktails. Mr M made up a pomegranate concoction that was fresh and zingy, and then we also served White Russians....but of course they were pink!

We were properly all pinked and glittered out by the end of the afternoon, but it was so much fun making this party as pretty and tasty as could be. Who knows, I'm sure a two year old will be able to tell me "no" next year. And then she'll break my heart and hate pink..... sigh. 

Other than the Creme Brulee, let me know if there are any recipes in particular you would like to see!!

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  1. Everything looked great! Did you use the edible glitter to sprinkle on the popcorn and cake?

    1. Hi Andrea. I sure did use edible glitter for those bits of sparkle. I used regular glitter on the tips of the cutlery though, but I'm sure a piece of glitter here or there wouldn't harm us right?! Thanks for the comment xx

  2. This was the sweetest and prettiest party! I love your idea of taping the balloons...I'm totally stealing that idea. I also love the idea of using the first initial for the shape of the cake. You definitely gave me some ideas for some future kids birthday parties!

    1. Steal away Sarah!!! It worked so well (there are actually 3 balloons still up three weeks later, I just didn't want to take them all down straight away, and they've stood the test of time!!). I'm glad you found some ideas you liked!!! xx

  3. This looks incredible! I think the cake turned out perfectly, and baby M looks very content with it :) I love the cute little glitter bow on her hair! You know Meg, you totally should become a professional event planner- you do SUCH a great job with all this. I would hire you in a heartbeat!

    1. Thanks Christy! I think I would LOVE to be a party planner!! I Had so much fun in the lead up to M's party, in my element twirling tissue paper on to the ends of toothpicks!! xx


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