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11 June 2013

Birthday Baby

It was Baby M's 1st Birthday yesterday! We had a little party for her on the weekend and so I have been a little frantic in preparation mode over the past few days (hence the quietness on my blog sorry!!). I will do a full post about the party soon I swear, but I just wanted to show you the little cake I made last night while I cooked our dinner. 

We call Baby M our little Koala because she's so cuddly and loves climbing from tree to tree (mummy-tree and daddy-tree) all the time. Oh and because we're Australian. Duh. 

So I knew I wanted to have a little Koala cake for her but was out and about all day, so only had limited time to throw it together last night. I made a super quick butter cake, baked it in one mini cheesecake tin and two muffin tins, and then made up the grey icing. I did a simple buttercream icing and coloured some coconut too. We had a fresh pack of Tim Tams to be used, so I made the nose out of a cut up Tim Tam. The eyes were two m&m's. 

She had to have a little cake on her actual Birthday and I loved how it turned out in such a short amount of prep time and there was no doubting how happy Baby M was with her second cake in as many days!!!

I may have made Koala-pancakes for breakfast too...but they are a little less easy to pick amongst the bear family!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness Meg! She's one?!

    Happy Birthday Baby M!

    The koala cake and pancakes are too cute to eat!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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