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18 June 2013

1st Birthday Decorations

To say I had fun decorating Baby M's 1st Birthday party would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions! For weeks leading up to the party, whenever Baby M would take a nap, I would get the glue gun out and get to work!! I was in my element, surrounded by pink and gold glitter!

My "To-Do" list for the party. Mr M knows I love me a list, and so this was just one of many that was on the go!  I just love the satisfaction of ticking things off a list!

I wanted to make the party a black tie cocktail party, but sense ruled out on this one! So, I decided to make everyone accessories to wear to the party. Bow ties for the men, and flowers for the ladies. The young ladies had headbands, so they weren't left out! I hung them all outside our door in the hallway, so everyone came in adorned in pink!

I wanted to have a little photo montage of Baby M over her first year. I am keeping the 12 month photo off my blog out of respect for her, because one day, she'd be super embarassed that her naked little tushie was published online!!! 

I made this wreath at Christmas time, but thought it was perfect for the birthday party. It was made by attaching scraps of pink and white fabric to a wire wreath frame. It did take a little bit of time to make, but I loved it instantly. 

All of the wine glasses had gold ribbon tied to the stems, and pink stripe straws. I know that paper straws aren't exactly a brand new concept, but I bought these ones for her party when she was two months old, so I was determined to still use them.

Confetti filled clear balloons and bunting set the scene. My poor husband had to blow each of these balloons, as I get so dizzy even just blowing one up! We then simply attached a little sticky tape/cello tape to each one and stuck them to the roof. I think it would have stayed a secret had one of our friends not given one a little tug!!!

Gold tipped cutlery

Gold paper plates, each tied with pink striped ribbon. I think it made each plate of food feel more like a present, and who doesn't love edible gifts!

Party bags for all the guests (contents will be in the next blog post), with special ones for the little ones.

And I have to do a little plug for a present that we ordered for Baby M that I just adore. It is a board book from Pinhole Press that is a book of faces. We made it with all of our family's faces (most photos are of them with Baby M) so that she can get to know everyone even though we are so far away. Already, Baby M just loves this book. It melted my heart to see her crawl over to her bookshelves, pick out this book, crawl back to her sheepskin rug and start turning the pages. I mean, how touching is that, she just wants to see her family!! Or perhaps she just likes looking at herself, but either way, she loves it!

And finally, here is the little card I made for our little 1 year old. I'm thinking of doing the same each year until we can't fit the candles on anymore!! 

I'm not sure if these individual photos really capture the full effect of her party, but it was so much fun making all of these components and then seeing it all come together on the day. I forgot to photograph a few crafty things, but I think you get the gist!

Next post: party food!!

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  1. Best mom! I love the designs you did. Happy birthday to your baby! :D

    1. Oh goodness no, but I did have so much fun doing it all!! Thanks so much xx

  2. What a WONDERFUL, beautiful, birthday celebration! Way to go mama!


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