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10 July 2014

Your baby at 2, half her adult height

Have you heard the little trick that if you measure your child's height when they turn two, that this will be half their adult height??

It seems like there is a fair amount of accuracy to it, (give or take a few inches) and so I was super excited to measure Madeleine when she had her 2nd Birthday last month. 

We did it when my niece was 2, which was almost three years ago already, and she was exactly half of my height, approximating her to be 5'10 when she's an adult. It seems like she's on track for this too, Lahna is a complete string bean!!! 

I was so excited to see what height Maddie would be, and so I made her a growth chart ready for her 2nd Birthday.

Knowing that we're going to moving around a bit throughout our childrens' lives, we can't rely on the one trusty doorframe to mark out their growing heights.

So I made a fabric height chart that could travel around with us and mark out our little family as it grows.

So as soon as the hustle and bustle of her Bunny Party calmed down, we got to measuring our little girl....

And little she is... and will be! 

Miss Madeleine measured.... 82cm, or 2 feet 8 inches. 

Which will put her at a petite 5"4 when she's an adult!!!! We may need to re-think our retirement plans of raising an Australian Tennis Pro!

I do think its entirely cute to think about her already being half her full height, even if she doesn't end up being super tall.

I was so self-conscious about being tall growing up, so maybe she'll be able to be all cute and petite and be the ballerina I could never be!

Did you measure your kids when they were 2?? I'd love to hear from anyone who did this and who's kids have grown up to hear whether it really is true!!

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  1. Interesting! I have never heard of this. Elin had her 2 year appointment and she was in the 90th percentile so I will have to look up what it was. I cannot remember at all. Can I just say Madeleine is the cutest!! She has the sweetest smile and I love these pictures of her!

    1. Ooh perhaps Elin will be a tall girl then!? Thanks so much Chrissy, she's a cheeky little monkey!! x

  2. We did this too! My daughter was 3 feet tall when she was 2, making her 6 feet when she's fully grown! I'm 5'10" and my hubby is 6'4" so it is quite possible we could have a volleyball player on our hands.
    Your daughter is adorable!

    1. Wow, tall girl!!! That's fantastic! I can't imagine having Maddie fully grown being so much shorter than us, I think we all expect our kids to be taller than us one day!! Thanks Tiffany, Little A is such a cutie too!! xx

  3. So cute in her beautiful floral print! I have heard this is true too. I think it worked out that Ellie Claire would be about my height 5'9" and Archer would be about the same height. I've been pretty happy 5'9", as most clothes fit without alterations and I am tall, but not towering. Ellie Claire has always been about 75% and Archer has always been between 25-50% for height. I would wish for a taller boy than a taller girl, but it is what it is.

  4. Awww, so very sweet! Love the growth chart!

    I looked in their baby books and figure my oldest will be 5'6" and my youngest will be 5'8". I'm doubtful on both.

    I'm 5'2" (and 3/4) and my husband is 6' - it's a bit of a gamble as to what my girls' height will be.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. This is so much fun, I haven't heard of it!!! I will have to try!

    1. It really is! I was amazed when we measured my niece, she didn't look half my height already!! Make sure you share what Waverly is when you measure her!! xx

    2. It really is! I was amazed when we measured my niece, she didn't look half my height already!! Make sure you share what Waverly is when you measure her!! xx

  6. So cool! I haven't heard of this! I need to try it when Ryan turns two in a month and a half! PS she is too precious! Seriously so cute!

    1. Thanks Karina! I was showing my Husband your parent's playroom last night, I've been going on and on about how cool it is all week!!! I might email it to our parents as a big giant hint! Make sure you share what Ryan's height is when he's two as well! xx


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