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10 March 2014

Too many cookbooks not enough dinners

Happy Monday morning!!! From my Instagram feed, it looks like the weather was wonderful everywhere in the world! Hooray!!! I know for me, Monday mornings are spent (mourning the weekends) pouring through all the blogs that I need to catch up with from the weekend, and so I thought I'd keep Monday posts nice and short from here on.

When my friend sent me this tea towel among other shiny gold presents for my Birthday last month I just smiled. She knows me so well! 

Cookbooks are such an indulgence to me. Books in Australia are really expensive compared to in the UK, so I'm kind of stocking up while I'm here!! I don't read terribly many books of fiction, but every night I curl up in bed and read my cookbooks. I fall asleep reading the stories that the great Chef of our time have written about their favourite meals. I read about new techniques, old classic methods and I quite probably fall asleep drooling!

These are the cookbooks I have acquired just in the past few months alone...

....and I have about 6 more in my Amazon wish list, just waiting for each payday to come!

I couldn't possibly tell you which is my favourite at the moment, it would be like asking whether I prefer swimming at Byron Bay or skiing in Switzerland! I love them all, and can't get enough!

Is my collection missing any pearlers? Do you read cookbooks as though they are novels too??

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  1. I love that tea towel... so true!

    It's been gorgeous weather here too! I hope it sticks.

    Wishing you a lovely day Meg!

  2. We have a mental collection of cookbooks in my new home- it's great! Everything from Larousse to Delia Smith by way of Hummingbird Bakery and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. And I love that tea towel, it's amazing!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

    1. That would be a fun experience, being in a share house and bringing together all your personal tastes and therefore cookbooks! My Hubby didn't exactly contribute any reading to my collection!! I'm going to look into Hugh... xx


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