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03 September 2013

PB&J Drops, start spreading the news....

We're leaving today...

Oh how I heart NY.

We have had almost five glorious weeks in The Empire State but tomorrow morning, we will be testing whether it truly is the city that never sleeps, as our car takes us to JFK Airport at 4am!

I have mixed feelings about heading back to London tomorrow...

I am going to miss some incredibly special people who I really really wish we could take with us tomorrow. I am going to miss the food options, particularly the GF choices. I am gong to miss walking in Central Park. I am gong to miss how friendly everyone is. I am going to miss having Baby M "blessed" every day by admirers passing us by. I am going to miss having an elevator. I am going to miss exploring a new city. And I am slightly ashamed to admit it, but I am going to miss the shopping. It is cruel to wander through Williams-Sonoma and not be able to buy a single thing!!

But I am also excited to sleep in my own bed again. I am excited to celebrate a special birthday girl this weekend. I am excited to have all of a baby Ms' stuff, and to change her on a changing table again. I am looking forward to a walk in Hampstead Heath, to be off-road and walk on softer ground and feel the freshness of Autumn. I am looking forward to using all of my kitchen gadgets and making some more complex dinners again. And I am actually looking forward to a few days rest and quietness...

....Before we all fly to Australia in 9 days time for the next adventure! Oi!

I have so so many blog posts that I am itching to write. My camera is overloaded with amazing food and restaurant reviews that I can't wait to share.

This arvo though, I made scrap cookies! I was starting to clear out the cupboards when I had the idea of baking cookies using the lasts of some things. I had almond meal, GF flour, peanut butter, blackberry jam, marscapone cheese and butter. The recipe wrote itself. In that the rules are there are no rules. Mix, combine, add, roll, fill, bake. Eat.

.......These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray,
Right through the very heart of it
New York New York!

I heart NY

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