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16 September 2013

meg-made it to Mood!!

I was tickled pink when we were in New York to get to the garment district and visit Mood Designer Fabrics. I was amused by all the stores/bars/everything in the district, we certainly knew we weren't in the wrong hood!

After finding our way into the building that housed Mood (there's no signs anywhere, you just gotta be in the know!) I was  far too overwhelmed to actually purchase anything the first time! It became obvious right away, there would need to be two trips! It was just insane. 

I was looking for some lace (project to come) and ribbons, as well as general browsing. General browsing in a place like Mood is an extremely bad idea, you'll be there all day. Which, would be okay, except for a certain little toddler who wanted to play! 

I have watched Project Runway since about Season 2 (they are now up to 12) so to get to shop in the very same fabric store that all the gang get to explore was super exciting! I mean, would you look at one of the ribbon walls...( of, out of 6).

Oh and to meet Swatch the dog was a highlight too!! He and Baby M hit it off right from the start, so she wanted to call Grandma to tell her all about it!

I've used some of the ribbon on the real and diaper cakes Julie and I made for Mandi's baby shower, and I  will show you the lace belt and other projects that I used the lace for when I'm home from Australia too. 

As for the Ralph Lauren fabric, well I have no clue yet what I want to make with it, but couldn't say no to a few yards off the bolt. 

I had so much fun letting my mind wander and really felt like if I had a few thousand spare hours and dollars, I could really get comfortable there! But, I was happy with my few little goodies and look forward to sharing the finished projects soon. 

To be HIGHLY unoriginal....Thank you Mood!

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  1. WOW! What an amazing store! What a selection! Can't wait to see the goodies you create.

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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