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26 September 2013

meg-made it to Dylan's Candy Bar NYC (review)

I have always admired Ralph Lauren as a designer and bussinessman. I love his clothes, preppy as they are, and enjoy reading anything he has ever written. When we were in New York I wandered past a candy store and googled it later and discovered that Dylan's Candy Bar is actually his daughters' store. That I did not know. I had seen it in a bunch of movies and TV shows (Hitch, Gossip Girl and Project Runway to name a few) and so was pretty excited to head on in one day. And then again on the next day!

The flagship store is on 60th Street and 3rd Avenue, and is three entire floors of candy or candy-related items. 

Thank you, don't mind if I do...

 The first floor is all the wrapped candy and pick n pix style, which had a lot of young fans, but I was a little overwhelmed, so headed to the lift to go downstairs . Waiting at the lift is where Dylan Lauren's portrait was....made entirely of jelly beans! 

I was kind of excited to find my name, with my spelling and all! Usually in the US it has a pesky H in there, but alas, these were all Meeeeegan, no H!

I am a huge fan of colour-coordination in stores (and in life...back when I had all kinds of spare time I would colour coordinate my wardrobe, bookcases, herbs & spices, baby clothes, etc). I loved going into Mood because they too showed appreciation for the rainbow. Well Dylan's didn't let me down either!

And there was a fudge bar. Which was amazing on account of being able to try as many as you liked before purchasing. I tried not to take advantage of this kindness too much, but hey, I was very indecisive this particular day!

Have you ever seen the sugar crystals that you stir in your coffee?? Well these are those, but amped up even more! The flavours were not exactly flavours you'd want in a coffee (root beer, bubblegum, cotton candy), but maybe you could sweeten your vodka.....? Or...ummm hot milk for the kiddies!

Because it was the flagship store they had a wall of celebs' favourite candy from when they visited Dylans.

Three levels of candy is a whole lot of candy! I'm quite thankful that I went while Baby M is so young and doesn't understand at all what she's missing out on here. The parents of 5 year olds looked like they needed a very stiff drink on their way out of the store. 

The top floor of the store has the ice-cream parlour and bakery. Well I couldn't eat a single thing in the bakery section, but they looked amazing. 

It's a land where time doesn't stand still, it turns back however many years it takes to make you a kid again. The fun and bright decor was perfectly complimented by the ridiculously cheesy soundtrack (Mandy Moore "Candy", "sugar pie honey bunch" and "sugar sugar" were the ones I heard while I was browsing, and couldn't help but chuckle with each new track).

A lot of fun. If you are in need of a sugar hit, well, you're going to get smashed!!

I hope you all....

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  1. Oh my god, this looks amazing. How did I not know this existed?! My brother and his girlfriend are off to New York with her parents in a few weeks, I'm going to tell them all about this! (And all of your other recommendations!) xx

  2. What a great post! I have been to Dylan's in South Beach, Miami. It looks like the NYC store is HUGE in comparison. I'm guessing it's hard to have any self control when faced with three floors of candy!


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