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10 September 2013

meg-made it to the Gramercy Terrace for brunch (review)

I LOVE having a food/DIY blog. It means that even if I'm away and can't really cook much food, I can say things like "Let's go to (insert cafe/restaurant/bar/haberdashery here), that way I can do a post about it...". Its awesome! 

When we were in New York last month we made it our mission to have two date nights and two brunches out. There was lots of researching and drooling over menus and it was truly overwhelming at the many many MANY options that are on the tiny island of Manhattan. But amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, way down at number 2 Lexington Avenue sits the Gramercy Park Hotel, and way up on the 18th floor sits the Gramercy Terrace, a little oasis of culinary delights!

We always love to go to the types of places that aren't exactly tourist spots, and seek out hidden gems wherever we go. I'm not so sure that this is exactly hidden, but it wasn't touristy and had a feeling that we were all in on a little secret that we have to keep. Well, I'm sharing this one, it was fabulous.

We were a little worried about going to a nice hotel restaurant with an energentic toddler, but it was spacious  and the staff were so friendly and welcoming of us all! But who would turn this face down?! You think this busted up lip looks bad, you should see the other guy.... (aka Daddy!).

Condiments were the first thing we noticed. They were either tiny or HUGE!

I ordered the Eggs Benedict, sans bread, and it came with spinach and corn. Of course it came with corn, we're in American now! But it actually worked really well. The ham was a thick cut smoked ham and it held the egg perfectly, given that I didn't have any bread. I'm not a huge fan of wilted spinach, but the corn saved it for me. The eggs were perfectly cooked (a new years resolution for me was to learn how to poach an egg...yet to master but getting lots of practice eating them!).

Mr M ordered the pancakes with fig compote. Apparently they were light and fluffy, and "American"... which I think means sweet and large!

It was so tranquil up there, all the greenery and soft sunshine streaming in was such a departure from the franticness of what's going on at street level. I just loved being up among the buildings looking across at them, rather than directly up!

Seriously, how cool is the breakfast buffet, with the Crysler Building and co in the background, as you do!

We didn't have a single negative thing to say about The Gramercy Terrace, and it was quiet and we got a reservation the day before. If you're needing a break from the loudness of Manhattan, I would highly recommend heading through the funky lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel and up to the Terrace.

Or better yet, have your wedding there!! They were setting up as we were leaving, it would be such a cracking venue!!!!!! But, brunch was delightful too!

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  1. Its nearly 9pm but your post is making me crave pancakes!! Just racking my brain to see if I have all the ingredients in my kitchen :)

  2. Yum! I love poached egg! Once you master the skill of poached eggs, you'll have to share your secret!

  3. This sounds amazing! I am TERRIBLE at poaching eggs- however, my older brother, who is by his own admission a terrible cook, can make them absolutely perfectly. I need him to teach me (or you can if you master them soon)! xx


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