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21 September 2013

Cromlettes (GF)

I was pretty chuffed with my global knowledge when last month my friend in New York (who had never heard of them before) asked if I had ever heard of a Cronut, and I could say yes!! I actually read the NY Times food section each week and love learning about the new hip foods in the States (I think the Crespeu will be something I try making, it's a really cool looking stack of layered fritattas).  Here's the article from June about Cronuts...incidentally, said friend did experience The Cronut at the SoHo bakery, but getting out of bed at 5:30 to line up for your token two Cronuts (that I can't even eat) wasn't terribly enticing for this mama!

Let me state that these Cromlettes have absolutely nothing in common with cronuts, other than sounding somewhat similar. They aren't croissant based, but rather, a cross between a crepe and an omelette. 

I purchased the Williams Sonoma cookbook Weeknight Gluten Free while we were in the US as a way of bringing food back with me, since I couldn't actually bring the entire GF section of WholeFoods back! I love to read cookbooks when I am in bed at night, and when I stumbled upon Herbed Egg Crepes (how much of a cooler name is Cromlettes though) I knew I had to give it a go.

I was so excited to make these for brunch and they were so delicious we then had them again for dinner the next night too. It is great to finally have a tasty alternative to crepes! Whilst they are obvious not sweet, they made for delicious savoury crepes, filled with a whole range of breakfast fillings. 

They were light in both taste and density, and so we never felt full or bloated after eating many and many! Un-surprisingly, they are egg-heavy, and so each Cromlette uses nearly an entire egg each, and I'm sure they would work using mostly eggwhites, although I can't vouch for that, I like to use the whole egg. 

I like to enjoy my food, and to me, filling and wrapping the Cromlette is half the joy of the meal. I made the first one crepe-style...

And then the second I wrapped up like a burrito...

The possibilities for fillings is limited only by your imagination and I can't wait to make many more of these in the future! Yay for a healthy and delicious gluten free breakfast option at last.

Ingredients and method:

1. Mix 6 eggs with a dash of cream, pinch of salt,  and a small bunch of chopped fresh parsley.

2. Put a little butter in a non-stick fry pan and swirl around to coat the bottom.

3. Pour in the egg mixture, but only enough to make a thin covering over the whole pan. If the first one is too thick, just use a little less next time.

4. Let it cook through for about 2 minutes on a low-medium heat. You don't need to turn the Cromlette over, just place it to the side and cook the next one.

Fill with whatever fillings you desire and enjoy, guilt free!!!! I want to do a cheesy/mushroom one next, as well as a sweeter one too. I'm thinking cinnamon and marscapone....of course!

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  1. These look delicious Meg!! They would be absolutely perfect for brunch. Despite the fact that I'm slightly intrigued by the cronut, I don't think I'd be keen enough to queue up at 5:30am! Think you made the right decision, particularly given that you can't eat them! xx

  2. I'm never heard of cromlets - they sound super yummy though. Another fabulous recipe.


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