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21 April 2013

Peach & Marscapone stuffed & wrapped Chicken

This is not the first time I have blogged about stuffed chicken, and it most certainly won't be the last! And although this is going to look very similar to the last one I blogged about on my old blog, this tasted so incredible that I just had to take the risk of being repetitive and write it up!

I made this for dinner twice in the past week. The first time Mr M was late home from work and his had spoiled. I was not terribly pleased! As punishment, I ate mine all hot and tender, while he had his slightly cold and the cheese wasn't gooey anymore. I need to work on my punishments! Anyway, I enjoyed mine so much that I made it again a few nights later and this time we both ate hot and gooey chicken (too quickly to bother getting decent photos as we went!!). 

It seems like its going to be a high-effort meal because it looks so fancy with the pancetta wrapping, but it is actually pretty easy and doesn't take all that long to prepare. 
Chicken breasts
Filling of choice – Peach chutney (which I actually made the previous weekend and I plan to post about soon), marscapone and cheddar cheese

1. Butterfly the chicken breasts so that you can put the filling ingredients in the middle.

2. I like to beat the chicken with a rolling pin a little to make it a little less thick, which helps it cook more evenly and quickly.

3. Fill one side of the chicken breast with your filling ingredients and fold the chicken back together

4. Lay the chicken on carefully lined up pancetta pieces, and wrap the pancetta around the chicken. The goal here is to mostly seal the chicken so that the filling stays inside while it cooks.

5. Place the chicken in a dish and bake for approximately 20-25 minutes, or until the pancetta has become crispy and brown (its a good idea to cut into one of the pieces of chicken to check it has cooked all the way through before serving).

6. Accompany with a salad, roast veggies or even on a bed of rice. 

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  1. OMG. This looks heavenly! Love the combo!

    1. Thanks Alexa! The combination worked really well!! Salty and sweet is always a winner isn't it!! xx

  2. Oh my goodness Meg! I make bacon-wrapped everything. This looks amazing!

    I'll have to give this recipe a try too! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It is really tasty and I think its a little lighter with the pancetta rather than bacon, but both would work!! I whip these up for lunch with a salad a heap too! Yummy!! xx


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