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15 April 2013

Pub Placemat and Lobster review

Please excuse me writing through bleary eyes this morning, we were up until 1:30am watching Australian sporting/golfing history happen!! (And well, I have had a major crush on Adam Scott well before Ana did so it was wonderful to finally see him sink the putt that counts!!). Anyway.....

Lobster review, yummy...Nope. Not that kind of Lobster. We can't all of a sudden justify lobster for dinner for the two of us! This is the Phil n Ted's Lobster, which is a travel highchair and pretty much one of the best purchases we've made since Baby M arrived. This is not a sponsored post. I wish it was. I feel I should be getting commission from Phil n Teds with the number of sales we've encouraged over the past few months. Seriously every single time we have this out and about, some other parents come by and ask us about it and where they can get one.

We enjoy taking Baby M to restaurants, friends' houses and pubs that aren't too loud or dodgy. Its great just having the Lobster in the pram with us so that we can make most dining situations work. 

In Hampstead
In Brooklyn
Christmas Day in Charlotte

But, now that bubs is eating finger food and wants needs to have a little more control over her food, its starting to gross me out a bit about the pub tables that she's virtually licking clean!!! The Lobster does come with a little tray that you could put on the table, but, its kind of awkward and somehow seems to be more trouble to travel with than its worth. So, when I was making the Knee Pad I had the thought of using the PVC fabric to make a little placemat. 

I know what you're thinking...why can't you just buy a placemat....well... the little arms (claws) that attach to the table top would kind of be in the way of a regular placemat, unless of course you made one with splits in it! 

And so now I have the perfect placemat that rolls up into practically nothing, that we can throw in with the Lobster and not have to worry about an excessive amount of table goop! 

I hope you had a great weekend. What are the chances that Baby M will schedule us both in for a 2pm nap today...or am I just dreaming! Happy Monday! 

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