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09 April 2013

Knee Pads for Dads!

So we have a bit of a routine. But only in the sense that its an order of things we do, not a set time or strict schedule, but just a general pattern. I feed Baby M her dinner, and when my hubby gets home from work he gives her a bath, reads her a story and then I give her a little milk feed before putting her to bed. It works for us. It does mean our baby goes to bed around 9, but I could never take her Daddy-time from her, so for now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

But, on the weekends, we kind of switch it up a little (apart from the pre-bed-feeds, because hubby just aint got the goods!) and so Mr M will give her dinner and I'll give her a bath. Ever since we started bathing her in the big girls bath, this has become marginally much less enjoyable. It hurts your knees like all buggery! And, now that I am involved in the weekend bath routine, something must be done!!!!

So, I had a wee look around the baby stores at what they propose as a solution to this problem, and mostly it was a $20 kneeling pad in garishly ugly prints that would clash with our bathroom. Gasp. No thank you. So I bought some sweet PVC fabric online for $5 and used the foam from her old baby mattress, and felt pretty certain I could make a far better knee pad, that wouldn't require you to wear sunglasses to look at it! 

It was easier to sew PVC than I was expecting, and took about an hour in total, so I kind of wish I hadn't put it off for so long. I made it a little bigger than I should have, but thought I'd just leave it that way, which definitely makes it easier to get the foam in an out of if I need to in the future. 

I have one end closing with velcro, for ease of washing and re-foaming if needs be, and attached a ribbon loop to hang it to dry at the end of each bath time. 

I presented the finished product to Mr M last night and he said...."aaah that's so nice, now my knees don't hurt anymore...." which is great, but is he angling for a foot pad......elbow pad......adjustable day bed....


  1. cute! and very thoughtful! xoxo

  2. Genius idea!! I'm going to have to pass this on to my little sister for her kiddos. They love love love taking baths - wreaks havoc on her knees.

    ps: And for your smoothie question - it would totally work with milk instead! Just take out the yogurt all together, and add another cup of milk in addition to the 1/2 cup. You might want to add some ice cubes or another frozen spinach cube to thicken the smoothie up a bit if it's too runny.

    1. Thanks Rachel! And thanks for the smoothie tips, will have to give it a go... and fight the urge to thicken it with ice cream! Ohhhhhh... we're going for an improvement in health, not "all the calories you can consume in the fastest possible time"....sigh....Will let you know how it goes! xx

  3. Haha cute idea!! Love your blog!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I have just been oohing and aahing over Waverly for a few (read: twenty) minutes!!! She's adorable! But... the link you put just here, well that goes to an entirely different website! Was a little relieved when I found your real one!! xx


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