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02 April 2013

Easter 2013: Bunnies and Bunting

Baby's first Easter! 

Living in London meant that we had a four day weekend to celebrate Easter as my husband didn't have to work on Good Friday or Easter Monday. This is the same as in Australia, but chatting to our friends in Brooklyn on Sunday highlighted to us how fortunate we were to have four family days in a row!! It was always nice to have my husband home, but now that we have a little munchkin in our lives, it is SO wonderful when we have "Daddy Day's".

Given the fact that we're going away in two weeks time, we decided to stay home for the long weekend and just have a quiet weekend. This turned out to be a good decision as we had a very sick little bunny for the whole weekend! 

So, we stayed in, baked, ate, snuggled with Madeleine and slept! It was exactly what we all needed.

Every year we make our own fudge and this year made three variations on our classic caramel.

There was salted caramel, lavender and the piste de resistance.......maple bacon fudge!!! That's right, we made breakfast fudge!! We crisped the bacon and then marinated it in maple for a while, before stirring it through the caramel fudge. It actually was kind of good! I wasn't prepared to like it at all, but, it worked! 

We made Hot Cross Cinnamon BunsSalted Caramel Popcorn (twice), and balanced it out with some carrots....

The Easter Bunny came and left Madeleine some light reading for the Easter weekend...(despite both Grandmothers' shock that we weren't giving our 9 month old chocolate!)...

And we had little Eastery decorations around the house, making it feel bright and Spring-like...even though it was the coldest Easter in over 100 years (we even had some snow on the Saturday!). 

However you spent your Easter weekend, I hope you had a lovely time with loved ones and managed to have a few treats over the weekend!


  1. Oh this looks lovely, and your little girl is precious! Easter is definitely the holiday for eating lots of sugar- that fudge sounds brilliant, I know lots of boys who would love me if I made that! Do you have a recipe? x

    1. Hehe yes it's definitely one for the boys that one! My husband took most of it in to work today and apparently it was fudge vapor and was just inhaled!! I am importing my recipes across from my old blog over the next few weeks but will put the fudge at the top of the list and will try to do it tomorrow for you! xx


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