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20 March 2013

Basil pesto chicken rainbow!

When I made the pesto the other day, I made enough for a few meals. Good move Meg!! 

This meal was actually lunch, twice, and dinner once. 


Chicken breasts, diced into cubes
Vegetables of your choosing - onion, tomato, red/yellow peppers and courgette were my choice (partly mostly because I love the colour combination)


There really isn't much to this recipe, and my husbands favourite part, its a one pan meal!! (I cooked all 21 meals over the cleanse, but he had to do all the washing up in the evenings, and I'll tell you, there were a lot of dishes to be cleaned!!). 

In a pan, cook the chicken in a dash of oil or butter. When the chicken has cooked through but not yet browned, throw in all of the chopped vegetables. 

Increase the heat a little and turn the vegetables and chicken regularly. As they start to char a little, add in a generous tablespoon of pesto and stir. As the pesto coats all the vegetables and chicken, continue turning for another minute or two. 

Serve and enjoy piping hot! 

OR... Spoon this mixture onto a flat bread/pita bread, sprinkle with cheese and bake for ten minutes! But, not if you are avoiding wheat or dairy!!! But, mini flat bread pizzas are tasty too!!

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  1. After reading your receipe of pesto chicken , I definitely knew I had the pesto but alas then only the chicken. Looking forward to trying it sometime soon Ma


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