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28 March 2013

Liebster me!

Have you heard of the Liebster Award, nope, I hadn't either! Until Alice over at The Cup and Saucer kindly nominated me to take part! Its not so much as an award as it is a chain-letter for blogs, but I feel like one of the popular kids on the playground for being chosen to take part, and love knowing that there is someone out there reading my blog!

The rules of the Liebster Awards are the following:
1. Write 11 things about yourself that someone might want to know....
2. Answer the 11 things that the nominator has set for you...
3. Choose 3-5 bloggers to nominate who have less than 200 followers....
4. Designate a new set of 11 questions for these bloggers of your choosing....
5. And that's all....

I know it wasn't all that long ago that I did the Five Things post, and you may be wondering how much more would you want to know about me, but, I'll keep it brief and will try not to ramble on about milk this time!

1. I think my baby might become a foodie. She's showing some preliminary signs with her meal selections, but rather than worry, I am proud of her when she won't eat something that tastes questionable!
2. Byron Bay is my favourite place in the world. It is where I am most home.
3. I learnt everything I know about the USA from Friends and Sex and the City! Oklahoma, the sooner state!
4. Until very recently I never owned a red piece of clothing. Until I realised pink and red CAN go together, now there's no limits on dressing each morning!
5. I cheat and use poach pods whenever I'm poaching eggs....just could never get the swirl to work!
6. Another egg fact, I can crack an egg with one hand, and am probably a little too proud of this!
7. I woke up during heart surgery a few years back! I think the surgeon was as surprised to see me as I was to see him! 
8. I never finish a cup of tea. I leave the tea to brew until it's luke-warm by which time the desire for a cuppa has worn off, and I'll always leave just a little in the bottom.
9. I can't eat chocolate. Easter has evolved into a whole lot more than just a chocolate bunny to feast on.... there's fudge making, fudge tasting, fudge watching and fudge eating....
10. I think there is nothing more adorable than hearing little kiddies with foreign accents!
11. I am really sick of hearing people saying "literally" all the time! I feel like they literally do not know what the word means and only ever use it to add dramatic tension to a sentence. Did you literally die when you saw that handbag, literally....

Home. Byron Bay, sunset 29/06/2009 (the afternoon Pete wanted to propose, not a bad sunset!)

Okay, so here are the answers to the questions Alice has asked...

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? A dentist! It wasn't until completing a year of Science at University that I discovered it wasn't for me! I ended up as an accountant...hmmm....perhaps I should have kept looking around!
2. What is your signature dish? Oh my goodness, this changes monthly! But, the most consistent dish that I make is pesto fish! (Apologies for the shameless plug, but I did do the recipe recently!!)
3.What is your biggest regret? Probably not a terribly life-altering decision, but I really wish I hadn't chosen brown for my bridesmaids! They still looked incredibly beautiful, but I wish I had of gone with something more "me" and taken the mockery for putting them in mushroom pink....gasp!
4. Who is your favourite fictional character? Anne of Green Gables. Because she's wonderful. And because the actress who plays Anne is called Megan too! Oh and Mary Poppins. Because, well, she's practically perfect in every way. Duh.
5. Who are your dream dinner party guests? Prince William and Kate, Princess Mary and Fred (Australian/Danish kronprissen), My husband and daughter, and well I would really love to gather all of our friends and family from all over the world together again... second wedding Pete???
6. Which would you rather do, skydive or bungee jump? Oh gosh, neither, I could never.I think my heart would just stop beating if I were to step off a bridge!
7. If you could only eat fruit or vegetables for the rest of your life which would you choose? Easy, vegetables. I have far too many conditions around what constitutes perfect fruit, but am far more relaxed with veggies!
8. Where is at the top of your to-visit list? Corfu in Greece, we're going there next month. And then the list reads: Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, South of Spain, The Caribbean, Oslo, and so on and so on....
9. Which do you prefer, being too hot or too cold? Usually I enjoy the cold, but its definitely getting old now and time for London to see some sunshine!
10. Do you believe in fate? I believe in fairies and angels.
11. What is your favourite treat? Couldn't possibly choose just one sorry - Sticky Date pudding, cupcakes, melting moments, hot chips with ketchup, salt and pepper calamari, freshly cooked bread with lashings of butter, hot chips ON freshly cooked bread with lashings of butter, Jersey Caramels....Oh I'm hungry!

Okay, so now it is my turn to pass the award along to a few other bloggers! Amanda, Jas, Bella and Rachel, I would love to nominate you for a Liebster Award! Liebster in German means "Dearest", so I have decided to tailor my questions towards things that are dear to you.

1. What is your favourite meal of the day to eat out?
2. What was your favourite book as a child?
3. Cheese plate or cake?
4. If you could learn another language, which would it be?
5. Where do you most want to travel to and why?
6. Which Downton Abbey sister are you most like? (OR.... which gentleman I suppose...)
7. What is your favourite flavour of fudge?
8. What was the inspiration behind the name of your blog?
9. Spots or stripes?
10. What is your favourite recipe book and favourite recipe within?
11. The Bachelor....Yes or No?

Thanks so much for the Liebster nomination Alice, I enjoyed getting to know a bit about you and look forward to learning a little more about each of you lovely bloggers who I've tagged now too! Or, if you just want to join in and you haven't been tagged, hop on in! 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend. My husband and I have some pretty serious conversations ahead of us about what flavours of fudge we're making!!


  1. This is brilliant, thank you so much for playing along! I love your answers- and I am SO with you on the literally thing- it makes my blood boil when it's used incorrectly! x


    Anesthesia not working is like my greatest fear ever!!!

    New follower :))

    1. Hehe yes I did! It does work (just read your birth story!!!!!) but they just needed to trigger a heart palpitation in my surgery and the one they brought on was so intense it woke me! Scary stuff! I'm a new follower to you too, Mace is beyond cute, I'm enjoying reading all of your old posts!! xx


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