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11 March 2013

Cleansing Breakfasts

I convinced my husband that doing a cleanse for a week would be a good idea, and sealed the deal by  promising to get up and make him breakfast each morning. I failed miserably, but did make 3/7 breakfasts for him! I, on the other hand ate like a queen, at a far more civilised hour of the morning!

Here are my favourite breakfasts from the week.

Six egg frittata

I decided that I wanted the frittata to be as filling and as fluffy as possible, so separated the eggs and whipped the whites and then folded them through the yolks. I added some fresh lean ham, flat leaf parsley, tomatoes and a dash of salt and pepper.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms

They don't look pretty, but I promise they taste better than they look! Lightly fry the mushrooms first, and then add in beaten eggs with spring onion (eshallots in Australia). Scramble and lightly season to taste.

Simple scrambled eggs with tomato and mushroom

There's not much to this, cook your veggies and then scramble your eggs! But its filling and a tasty way to start the day. 

Poached eggs with avocado and roasted tomatoes

I love poached eggs and this week I actually managed to cook each one to perfection! I cheat and use Poach Pods but usually cook them for too long! My trick was to gently touch the yolk and be sure it has a little give, while the surrounding whites be cooked through and not transparent. While the eggs were poaching away, I had the tomatoes roasting in a super hot oven (220C/350F). The eggs and tomato pair beautifully with avocado and they are ripe and delicious in the UK at the moment, so we bought a tonne of them this week.

Grapes and berries

To break up the daily eggs a little, we also had some fresh (and frozen, frozen berries are far more economical) fruit and topped it with some nuts as well. I don't feel full at all after eating fruit though, and found myself looking for something to eat by 10am, so stuck to the eggs for the remaining mornings. 

For some other ideas on breakfasts that don't contain wheat, dairy, sugar or processed ingredients, see Marks Daily Apple. Not all the recipes will necessarily fit into a detox/cleanse but there is a lot of great information and recipes following the primal/paleo way of eating (which is very similar to the principles of our Grown not made cleanse.

Lots more cleansing recipes to come!

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