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22 March 2013

Almond-crumbed seafood

This is my final posting about the cleanse that we did a few weeks ago!! To finish off our week, we decided to indulge a little lot!!! We went down to our local fishmonger and bought some prawns, squid tubes and scallops. We thought about grilling them, adding them to a salad, or baking them. Which I'm sure would have been lovely. BUT, then we came up with a crumbing idea and it was revolutionary! How has nobody done this before!!! (That I know of...). 

Because we couldn't do a regular crumbing of flour-egg-breadcrumb, we got out the trusty almond meal and set to work! All we combined were the ground almonds and salt and pepper. We dipped each piece of seafood in egg and let the excess fall off. We then coated each piece in the seasoned ground almonds and placed it carefully in a pan with hot oil. We shallow fried the seafood, which isn't the healthiest cooking method (but better than deep frying), and we tried not to use too much oil, patted the excess off with paper towel, and just enjoyed the heck out it!!!! 

Pete was responsible for the calamari...and its fair to say that he is a little less careful than I am when it comes to turning the seafood, and subsequently lost half of the crumbing!!! But it tasted every bit as good as it looks!!

The prawns were delicious and the crumbing helped keep them tender and juicy too!

I had never seen scallops as big as the ones we bought, and as you can see, they were so juicy too!! (That's not oil don't worry!). I had no idea how long to cook these for as they were so large and unlike prawns which turn a different colour when they cook, scallops are a little more tricky to get right. I just went on texture, and when they gave a good bounce back under my finger, I deemed them ready! It was probably about 4 minutes on either side (little scallops are approximately 2 minutes either side so I thought that would make sense). 

What a perfect way to end our week! I'm not sure that I will bother with regular breadcrumbing again, as the almonds added a sweetness that you don't get from breadcrumbs, and all those nuts helped in making us feel fuller for longer too. Winning!

Since the end of our cleanse week, I have launched straight into a month of gluten free eating, so, recipes will start trickling onto my blog as I navigate my way around GF life!!!

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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