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08 March 2013

Five things about me!

It was brought to my attention by Liz that all the cool kids in the blogosphere are playing tag, and I want to play too! This version of tag however is tagging your friends after sharing five things about yourself that people may not know. I thought I would join in too, and had a hard time just choosing five things, but here goes:

I laugh silently. Or not at all. Have you seen the episode of Scrubs where JD is struggling with his girlfriend who never laughs but always says "that's so funny".... Well we cracked up watching that episode because it really takes a lot (of wine) to make me LOL! I am actually teaching myself to laugh loudly because its dawned on me that my baby girl wasn't laughing much either. She would smile like nothing else, but rarely would she laugh. I've noticed since laughing myself, she laughs a lot more too!

I am easily convinced. I hate watching The Great Debate, I just end up agreeing with whoever had the last word! This doesn't bode well in discussions with my hubby, but so long as I am the last one to say their piece, i can usually convince myself that I was at least partially right!

I love milk. Like a kitten chasing a leaky cow! I love it. And this week I have missed it more than anything else. Each day my husband has had a different craving, whereas mine has consistently been milk. A tall glass of milk, straight up....three times a day.

I am quiet. Really really quiet. Growing up with a military Father, there were a lot of house rules and table manners to be observed. I distinctly remember getting in trouble for swallowing a glass of water too loudly at the dinner table. It is because of this that I walk on the balls of my feet only, can never be heard in a crowded room, know how to close my mouth around a Doritos chip so as to minimise the crunch and lay awake frustrated by the movie being watched by our neighbours upstairs. Is it also possible that this is the reason why I laugh silently too.... Is this my full circle moment?

I wish I was a pastry chef! A friend in Oxford mistakenly told her friends that I was a pastry chef and ever since then I have regretted even more my career choices (accounting.....seriously) and have dreamed about life in a kitchen all day. I am so happy when I have my kitchenaid Blanche whirring away and my icing nozzles lined up ready to decorate and sprinkle with edible glitter. A lot of what I bake is just homely and simple, but I deal with even the most surprising situations best by beating butter and sugar until light and fluffy!

Here are some of my favourites from my old cooking blog:

And these are some from my personal photo album not on my blog!

Well there you have it, there are five things about me you may not know. So, Julie, HelenaAmberTam, or any of my lovely readers, you're it, I'd love to read your Five Things! Consider the world's biggest tag game continued!!


  1. Love this. How did I not know about your silent laughing??! Your recent blogging is REALLY making me miss posting and just might be the push I need to get back to it. You should really start a cupcake delivery in Hempstead...

    1. Well you have your first post back now so what are you waiting for Jules!? Haha you've not noticed the laughing because there's always MANY wines involved when we get together! xx

  2. Well Meg if you want to be a chef do it, there are cordon bleu cooking courses
    in the UK, a friend did one many many moons ago, and after sampling her many delights was sorry I never had the gumption to do it.
    Drink more wine and laugh out loud.
    Love Ma - enjoy xx

  3. I love that you are learning to laugh more along side your daughter. I think having kids is great because we can open ourselves more to growth that we may have not thought about before. :) I would love to be a pastry chef, but not sure I could make as beautiful items as yours there. They look so yummy! I did the 5 things too if you want to take a read.

    x Bonnie Rose


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