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07 November 2013

meg-made it to Jersey & ate at The Treehouse (among others)

And I could quite possibly never leave.

If France and England were to ever date, their whirlwind romance would result in the teeny tiny Island of Jersey.

Jersey is one of the Channel Islands which lies on the French side of the English Chanel, and in my opinion is combination of the best parts of France and the best parts of England. It is fresh crusty bread, soft creamy cheese, quaint cobbled-stone-lined streets, dreamy French-named towns and streets, but all in an English speaking town just a 40 minute flight from London.

Oh and the home of my Brother, and his family, which makes it pretty much one of the best places on Earth.

We spent some time there last month getting to meet my newest nephew Finn, (could he be any cuter, seriously?!)

This trip reminded me how much I just love the ocean and having so much of life being associated with the beach. Growing up we would "summer" at Byron Bay each Christmas to visit my Gran, and I think the beach will always be a special place because of that. 

And everything we ate was beach-based, which I bloomin well love!!! 

We went out for lunch one day to a gorgeous little restaurant in St Brelade called the Treehouse. They have a really generous gluten free menu available and an amazing indoor and outdoor play area, so we were all set!

I had the Piri Piri 1/2 Chicken (I was really REALLY hungry!!) and a glass of Rose. It felt like it was one of the last lingering days of warm weather, so I wanted to have one of my last glasses of Rose for the season. 

Everyone else had incredible looking cheesecakes for desserts, but the only GF option for me was ice-cream. Not a problem! When it's Jersey Ice Cream it is never a problem. Jersey is well known for it's cream, from the gorgeous brown and white Jersey cows. 

We had glorious seafood and SPECTACULAR company. Oh how I love this little Isle! 

With sunsets like these, overlooking the little English houses by the sea...

And being able to drive around these two ADORABLE cousins made me one extremely happy Mama/Aunty!!

A bit of a random post, but I just wanted to share this great little Island, and my adorable little family!!

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  1. Oh I love this. I'm so pleased you had a lovely time Meg, take me with you next time, please? I promise I won't weep too terribly much over how much I love the Channel Islands? xx


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