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27 November 2013

For the budding Sous Chef (SPECIAL OFFER)

When Madeleine is a Michelin Starred Chef in the future, and magazines interview her about her love of cooking, she'll be able to trace it back to first starting as a sous chef for her mama when she was less than 1 years old. 

And then, when she was 17 months old, she got her very own kitchen, was head chef almost overnight, and the rest, as they say, is history. She was very comfortable as Head Chef straight away, but her poor little boyfriend Ilia seemed less than thrilled to be her Sous Chef!

I just love how comfortable Maddie is in an apron, it is just the cutest thing to watch!!!

And she gets you trying all sorts of cuisines you would never have usually been tempted with, but she's pretty hard to refuse, and is very persistent! 

I have always loved little girls aprons, but was never terribly fussed about boys wearing the same type, so designed a little boys apron, so that he can match Daddy! Its a MANS apron, but for little men!!!

I have just put these sweet aprons on my Etsy store but only have enough supplies for 5 of each print, so if you would like one, here is a direct payment option below (with a super special price).

There are two colours for the boys:

And two colours for the girls:

But lets be real, the girls can wear the boys aprons and the boys can definitely wear the girls aprons!

So if you're looking for a Christmas gift for a special little Sous Chef (or budding Head Chef like Maddie!!) then look no further! 

meg-made will be having a Black Friday Promotion on Friday which will bring the original prices (£20.50) to a similar point, but if you want to make sure you get one before the sale, here's your chance to get one now!!

Usually £20.50, now only £16.50, only through this buy it now option!

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