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14 November 2013

Cast Iron doorstop makeover!

This is such an incredibly easy and effective makeover! 

I remember playing with a cast iron Iron when I was a little girl, pretending to iron my dollies clothes with it. Times have changed - I HATE ironing and somehow manage to get away with not needing to all that often. But the one thing I still do like is the cast iron version. 

There's a little antique market just down the road from us and most days it has 100% junk, but I peer in every now and then, and was thrilled to find two of these cast iron irons (is the second "iron" defunct?).  For a grand total of £5 I walked away happy, and with a heavy load under the pram!

They have been sitting at the doors for a while now, and are perfect because Baby M can't lift them, unlike all the other door stop solutions we've had until now. 

I bought a can of Montana gold spray paint a few months ago, with the intention of taking it to Australia and panting some mugs/glasses for Baby M's Baptism. After finding out there's no way I can travel with it, I put it away for a rainy day. 

Or for today it seems!

I was going to just do this little project quickly in our stairwell, but having read through the extensive warnings on the back of the can, I decided to heed their precautions and brave the cold. Before Madeleine woke up this morning I ducked down to the courtyard with 3 things - an empty box, the iron and the spray paint. Oh and keys and camera, I mislead you! 

I didn't think the neighbours would appreciate a gold courtyard (although I think it would look kind of amazing) so I placed the iron inside a large empty box and got to work. 

It said it was fast drying, but Meg-fast and Mr Montana-fast are very different! The good news is that if you get it on your skin, it will peel off later (the paint, not your skin). 

After about five minutes I turned it on its side to spray the underneath. 

I then let it sit for half an hour to set on properly and then set it to work!

Here's the before and after....

I absolutely LOVE it!! I think it just looks infinitely more classy and interesting than the old one. 

So simple, so easy, so cheap and yet such a great improvement!!!!

And now of course, nothing is safe in our house! Mr M is going to come home to find everything gold! I seriously sit here looking around at everything in my sight and think "ooh that would look better being gold". Look out Baby M!!!!! 

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  1. That's awesome! What a fantastic doorstop too!

    Woo hoo - watch out... someone's on a gold kick!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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