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26 November 2013

meg-made Christmas 2013 Glossi

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

I just love Christmas. I love all aspects and I'm sure I'll do countless posts about Christmas cooking over the coming month, but I also love December 1, decorating the house. 

This year we are getting our very first real Christmas tree! Unfortunately it won't arrive until December 3, so we won't be able to decorate our tree on December 1 this year, but we will decorate everything else and still enjoy eggnog and treats. It is my only family tradition and I simply love it. 

To get in the festive spirit, I have put together a Glossi e-catalogue which shows some of the Christmasy things that I have going on over in my Etsy store. 

I have made some new items for my store recently, and am super excited to release them through the catalogue!

I really love the little kids aprons, which has two designs of each, and are for both girls and boys!

I really love seeing a man in a man's apron, and so I thought that a little boy would look just so gosh darn adorable in a mini version too! And I was right! Look how cute Maddie's boyfriend Ilia looks!!!!

I am also super excited to announce that I am now making cookies for sale on my Etsy store as well. They are 100% gluten free and 100% delicious (with a 100% strike rate, everyone is loving them!!). 

There is a Vanilla & Honey cookie as well as a Choc-Chip cookie. 

I made a mini gold glitter bunting for our tree, and decided it was so cute, you should have one for yours too!!!! I will now have bunting in every room of the house this Christmas, could things get any better than that!!! 

So have a look at my e-catalogue and let me know what you think.

meg-made Christmas 2013 Glossi

Do you have any pre-Christmas traditions that you just love?  post signature


  1. Hi Meg! This is my first time to your blog - so exciting that y'all are getting a real tree this year! I really wanted one but didn't get one :( and also, your bunting is darling - I really should make one of those!!
    xo TB

    1. Thanks TB, I'm super excited for my house to smell of pine, its such a treat having a cold Christmas!!!!! xx

  2. Lovely stuff! It got me excited about Christmas!


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