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23 July 2013

The Royal Easel & Baby M's BBC Debut!

I've been nattering on about the Royal Easel now for the past few months, hoping that the Palace would continue the old tradition of informing the world of the Royal Baby via an official statement placed on the historic easel, in the same way that Prince William's was announced 30 years ago. When I saw photos of the easel I knew if I could only be part of one event, I had to see it. It is likely that the next time this easel is displayed at Buckingham Palace will be to announce this little fella's own child, and who knows where in the world we will be by then. 

We were up and about early this morning in a window of calm between two thunderstorms and so decided to make our way to Buckingham Palace in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the Royal Easel. 

I was a little concerned when I saw the line that snaked along the front gates and wrapped around the sides, but joined in anyway. There was a lot of cafuffle because there was limited viewing time prior to the changing of the guard, so Baby M and I were 3rd from the end of the line, before they started turning people away. 

We got to see it though!!! 

I had Baby M all ready for her close up, but were rushed along so quickly I couldn't take a clear photo of her with the Easel. 

Never mind, BBC helped us out!

BBC Video
I am totally not comfortable infront of the camera, but, when the BBC ask you if they can interview "you and your adorable little girl", you say yes!! (I MUST work on getting rid of my Aussie inflecTION though).

 So we've had Mum on BBC, and Mum & Bub on BBC... Mr M, it's your turn!!

It was so wonderful to be able to see this little piece of history, and share it with my "adorable little girl". I'll be telling her about this for some time to come!

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  1. Brilliant!!! Great job Meg and Maddie!! You look fab on camera. Way to go!!


  2. I LOVED watching this. How special to have this for Maddie to see one day!!

  3. That is awesome and you did great in front of the camera!


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