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18 July 2013

Simple Chicken Sliders

For any Aussie readers out there, Sliders are just mini-hamburgers. I just thought I would clear that up early on! I forget that not everyone is multi-lingual like myself and that whilst I am fluent in both Australian AND American, sometimes I need to explain one to the other. 

Hi. My name is Meg, and I am heatphobic.

I am temperature sensitive. I function best between 20-26 degrees (68-79F). When it is over 26C, I just shut down. I don't want to cook. I don't care what I eat. All I want to do is lay on the beach with a cool breeze blowing while I am spritz'd with Evian mist...and since that doesn't happen, I am grumpy. 

Getting right to the point of this post, and away from the ramblings of a hot and bothered madwoman, I don't like to be standing over a hot oven for long when its already hot out, and so I cook quite simply in the summer time. 

I wanted to share these sliders because they are so easy, fairly healthy and so yummy! 

I based the chicken patties on the recipe that I used for kiddies meatballs because I love the addition of the apple, and keeping it simple is sometimes better than a pattie that has 27 ingredients. 

2 large chicken breasts, minced in your food processor, or purchase already minced. 
1 apple, grated
1/2 onion chopped finely
Fresh herbs - I like to use flat leaf parsley or coriander
Breadcrumbs - I use gluten free bread that has been food processored (not a word meg, not a word)
1/2 t Chilli Jam or sweet chilli sauce, gives it a little kick
Dash of worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper


1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. 

2. When well combined, have a smell and see if it smells good to you. It feels funny writing this as a step, but I never ever make patties without smelling the bowl before I start cooking. I will know by the smell whether I need more herbs, or chilli, or salt. 

3. Roll the mixture into small balls, about 2 tablespoons of mixture in each. Squash slightly to resemble a hamburger pattie. 

4. Cook in a small amount of olive oil until browned on both sides. This usually takes about 10 minutes because they are only small. 

5. Serve however you desire. I made mine on a simple salad with three different sauces to feel like I wasn't left out from the sliders fun. 

I put Mr M's in two different mini-rolls, with tomato, avocado, rocket (arugula), cheese and 3 separate sauces. 

The three sauces were (in order of preference): chilli mayonnaise, a zingy tomato sauce (ketchup) or pesto mayonnaise. 

Simple and delicious and it doesn't get your kitchen hot! Victory!

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  1. These sound delicious Meg!! And I had NO IDEA until now that arugula was rocket- so thanks for enlightening me there!! I have a question though- for some reason, I assumed Mr M was British. If he's American and you're Aussie, how come you live in GB? Compromise?! Hahha xx


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