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22 July 2013

Royal Cookies (GF) to celebrate Baby Boy Cambridge

It seems the whole world has been watching with baited breath for the arrival of the Royal Baby, and I was certainly no different. A day spent refreshing my twitter feed, cross-checking with CNN and BBC every ten two or so minutes, and generally having butterflies all day long! 

London is seeing quite the summer, which is wonderful and all, but I'm not sure if you remember me saying that I am heatphobic and don't function well over 26C. Today I made an exception though! If the Duchess can birth a baby in this heat, surely I can bake some cookies to celebrate this historical event! I would have loved to be down at Buckingham Palace waiting for the announcement to be placed on the easel, but Baby M is a hot little poppet and I worry she would just expire with the heat and crowds, and so I couldn't do it to her. 

We might pop down to the Tower of London tomorrow for the gun salute if we can, but I'm certainly not able to camp out on the Mall like we did two years ago for the Royal Wedding!! (the rest of my photos from the day are over on my old blog, Special Meals Meg along with our international BBC debut!!). That was one of the most incredible London experiences ever, and is going to be pretty hard to top!!

And so since I couldn't go out and take part this time, I battled the restlessness in the kitchen. Like most of the nerve-wracking times in my life, I am at my most calm when I am in the kitchen. 

These cookies are gluten free and royally delicious!

And then eat whilst reading every little detail about this new little Royal Baby Boy!!! So long as the name goes well with Princess Madeleine (aka Baby M, but she won't be known as that in 20 years time when Baby Cambridge is courting her of course) then we'll sign off on it!!!

I was quite sure Kate would have a little Princess today, but did make one crown of each colour just to be on the safe side!!!

What a great day for the Duke and Duchess, and indeed for all of us to celebrate with them!!

Happy Birthing day Baby Boy Cambridge!!!!!

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  1. Oh yummy! Those looks so great! I will have to get myself a crown cookie cutter now too.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. Congratulations Kate. And well done you for those cookies, they look fab

  3. So cute!! Those cookies look delicious.. especially the sparkly frosting. Congrats to Kate and William!! I was totally hoping for a girl though! :)


  4. You are too cute and these cookies are evidence of just how amazing you are.

    I'm going to make them, although I don't have a crown cookie cutter, some other shapes will have to suffice.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  5. They are really good! The almond flour is awesome, they don't have that gluten free taste about them! Can't wait to hear the little Princes' name! Xx


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